What's your special Tarot card?

The backbone of any Tarot reading relies on the story of The Fool’s Journey. This is an allegorical tale that describes how the soul travels through life, and all the challenges it must face and all the lessons it must learn in order to progress up the spiritual ladder. Together, the 78 cards of the Tarot tell this story in full. Separately, or taken out of context, such as in the case of a Tarot reading, they represent aspects of our characters and spiritual development that need may attention at that time. However, for some, there is a particular card that keeps cropping up or a card that they feel a particular affinity for. There is more to this than it being just a ‘special’ Tarot card.

Your Birth Card

More often than not, the cards we are talking about are from the Major Arcanum. This is the group of cards that represents the archetypes at work in our lives; the people and special energies that are a constant in our existence. Cards from the Minor Arcanum that regularly pop up tend to be those that represent the specifics of our lives, but it is cards from the Major Arcanum that can resonate most deeply with querents, because they are concerned with energies that operate on a universal scale. Amongst these cards, you may well find your Birth Tarot card.

Most people are aware of their Western star signs and their astrological animals, under the Chinese zodiac. However, few are aware that they do, in fact, have a Birth Tarot card. Unlike the signs of the zodiac, these aren’t charted in the same way; although the date of your birth is worked into the equation, finding your Tarot Birth card requires the use of numerology, rather than celestial charts.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers and can be used in a similar way to astrology, living insight into a person’s character, traits and needs. It has been practised for over 10,000 years and was formally organised by Pythagoras. Like most forms of divination, it has shifted and evolved, but the fundamental aspects remain the same. Numerologists believe that everything in the universe has its own unique vibrational frequency. By discovering the frequency of an object, you can identify the energies and qualities associated with it. When it comes to using numerology to find your Tarot Birth card, the only piece of information you need it your birth date; the rest is a case of being able to add up!

How to find your Birth Card

In order to find your Tarot Birth card, you need to add up the numbers from your date of birth and make the final number correspond with the number of a card in the Major Arcanum.

For example, if your birthday is the 21st of February, 1982, then you approach the numbers in their ‘dd/mm/yyyy’ format, which gives you: 21/02/1982. You then break these numbers down into a simple, addition format:

2 + 1 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2

The answer you arrive at is 25.

However, as there are only 21 cards in the Major Arcanum, any number larger than 21 needs to be condensed further, by reducing it to its constituent parts and adding those numbers together. In this instance, this gives you 2 + 5, which equals 7. Once you’ve got your final number, you simply consult the cards of the Major Arcanum, which are numbered, as follows:

Birth Cards of the Major Arcanum

1. The Fool. This card represents the querent at his most naive. The Fool is ready for adventure and seeks spiritual enlightenment. However, there is a school of thought that suggests that the Fool is already enlightened and wiser than he looks. If this is your card, you are likely to have an adventurous and open spirit.

2. The High Priestess represents intuition, knowledge and wisdom. People who have this as their birth card are likely to be drawn towards the inexplicable and may even possess latent psychic gifts. Your job is to tap into those gifts and use them wisely.

3. The Empress card is concerned with nurture and sensuality. If his is your card, you are likely to be someone who enjoys the finer things in life, but who also enjoys taking care of others. However, you should take care not to over-indulge your senses at the expense of spiritual learning.

4. The Emperor recognises the importance of order and structure; in order to get the best from yourself, you must have a plan. However, the hidden danger is that those who are ruled by this card can often forget the power of compassion.

5. The Hierophant represents the ordered belief structures we encounter, such as religion and educational standards. Those ruled by this card are likely to be incredibly inquisitive and want to ‘get to the bottom’ of things. However, the hidden danger is that, unless they are open-hearted, they can tend towards cynicism.

6. The Lovers may seem to represent love, but they are more concerned with the joining of opposites to create a whole. Those ruled by this card will see plenty of opportunities, but must decide wisely which path they should take.

7. Those ruled by the Chariot must learn to harness their emotions and impulses to get them where they want to be.

8. The Strength card governs those who have huge inner resources and can keep getting up where others are knocked down. Those governed by this card often have intuitive healing abilities.

9. If you find that the Hermit is ‘your’ card, then you will be prone to reflection. While this is a good thing, you must be careful that your introspection doesn’t exclude you from contact with others.

10. Those governed by the Wheel of Fortune have the ability to spot opportunities wherever they go. The trick is to learn which ones are the most spiritually rewarding.

11. Those who live under the Justice card are continually striving for fairness and balance.

12. The Hanged Man governs people who are able to see things from a different perspective. You may find that you are able to inspire people or feel the need t o serve a higher cause.

13. Death. This card is for those who enter a cycle of breaking old habits and transforming themselves. While re-invention is healthy, it mustn’t be at the risk of losing your core identity.

14. Those governed by Temperance must learn not to juggle too many things at once. Whether it’s at work or socialising, the important thing is to govern your passions and rein yourself in.

15. The Devil represents our inner demons at work; those that prevent us from evolving. Those ruled by this card must free themselves from the shadows of self-doubt and addiction.

16. Those who find themselves influenced by the Tower often find that their lives are a series of big changes. The key is to learn to embrace those changes, rather than resist them.

17. The Star governs those who are creative and hopeful. They tend to be able to find solace and inspiration in divine thought, in times of need.

18. The Moon influences those who uncover unexpected opportunity, after careful thought.

19. Those governed by the Sun are energetic and enthusiastic and are often the centre of attention. The danger here is that Sun people run the risk of shining too brightly and burning out.

20. The Judgement card resonates with those who are drawn to a higher purpose. The path may be rocky, but they can draw on divine resources to offer them strength and courage.

21. Those governed by the World card are likely to be able to see the ‘bigger picture’ where others cannot. The hidden danger is that they become so immersed in this backdrop that they fail to deal with daily practicalities.


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