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Psychic Glossary

Absent Healing

A form of healing used by healers. The healer is not in physical contact or the same location as the inflicted individual and still performs the healing by thought. Healers use this method through prayer, thought, energy transference and/or visualisation therapy.


In tarot readings, the "One" card, the first card. Tarot decks have an Ace of each suit. This card represents the suit in its essence, its purest form, and is always considered a positive card, even if reversed. This card is a gift from God.


An ancient Eastern healing art used by psychics and healers that utilises the fingers to stimulate key pressure points on the body, inducing the body's natural self-curative abilities. The range of benefits is wide and the practise is safe and can be self-practised.


An ancient Eastern healing art used by psychics and healers that utilises the insertion and manipulation of small needles into key pressure points on the body, inducing the body's natural self-curative abilities. The range of benefits is wider than acupressure, but must be practised by a true practitioner of the art.


A primeval element used in basic religious and spiritualistic divinations, commonly associated with knowledge and intellect. In Tarot readings, this element is represented in the suit of Swords. This element can also be used by psychics and mediums.

Akashic Records

In Indian astrology and myths, these are collections of knowledge that have been stored on the non-physical plane of existence. The records vary in content and knowledge base, but have existed since the dawn of Creation. In modern use, the majority of Akashic Records mentioned are in regards to the human experience.

Alpha Waves

The brain wave frequencies associated with relaxed and alert consciousness. These are the default state of your body before meeting with psychics, mediums or clairvoyants. These are also used by psychics as a gateway to altered states of consciousness and a more open frame of mind.

Altered States of Consciousness

A term defined first by Charles Tart, it refers to any state of the mind that is different from the waking beta wave stage of consciousness. Typically, psychics, mediums or clairvoyants would induce changes. They are typically temporary but cover a range of scenarios such as dreams, hallucinations, trances or deep sleep.


An object that is attuned to an individual to produce a certain effect. Used by spirit coaches, psychics, mediums and in Indian astrology, they are designed typically to bring good luck and induce positive behaviour around others.

Angel Reading

A form of card reading utilising Angel Cards. Unlike Tarot, Angel cards are based on specific angels to provide guidance, and angel readings require cleansing of the card before utilising a spread to answer questions posed for guidance.


In traditional terms, a heavenly messenger or guide that provides information. Can also mean an individual who understands and manifests the divine on the physical plane. These are typical guardians and advocates for spirit coaches and psychics.


The belief that non-human entities, such as animals, rocks, plants and other natural phenomenon, are spiritual beings. This belief is held by spirit coaches and many mediums and clairvoyants, but spirit coaches especially rely on this in regards to the use of totems.


A visual manifestation of a human soul, a ghost. Mediums and psychics frequently see apparitions, can contact them, or discern information from them. Clairvoyants also can interact with an apparition, depending on the situation.

Aquarian Age

In astrology, the era from the year 2000 to the year 4100 that brings forth universal peace and brotherhood. Astrologers describe this era as a time when religions, mysticism and science will blend together and work in tandem, not conflicting. For psychics, mediums and spirit coaches, this era is important for opening doors to personal enlightenment.


A sign of the Western Zodiac, this sign is known as the “Waterbearer” and identifies with Air. In astrology, this sign currently matches the astrological age. Psychics often recognize Aquarius's for their originality, energy, open-mindedness, tolerance, generosity, inventiveness, slight detachment, problem-solving skills, and their ability to be creative. Their weaknesses can include being eccentric and being too independent.


For tarot readers, the arcane are the actual occult significance of tarot cards. The literal meaning for the word is “that which is hidden”. This corresponds to their significance as either a number card, a court card, or one of the “major Arcana”, which are titled cards such as Judgement, The Tower, The Lovers, and The Devil.


Known as "The Ram" to astrologers, Aries is an element of Fire and Mars. In astrology and with psychics, Aries is often recognized for their intellectual energy, their need to be active, being youthful, bright, warm and changing. They tend to be independent leaders, be courageous, and then to initiate action. Psychics and clairvoyants will often recognize that this makes Aries impatient, arrogant and headstrong at times.


Used by psychics, mediums, healers and tarot readers, this utilises essential oils, oil blends and even incense. This is used by healers as a method of bringing out toxins, soothing muscles, and causing other various effects.


In Runes, this is the name for the contemporary order of those who follow the Viking gods. Runes were supposedly created by Odin, who hung himself from Yggdrasil, the world tree, for nine days. The Asatru as a neo-pagan religion utilise runes much like other clairvoyants and psychics.

Astral body

For psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and healers, the astral body is a familiar term for the non-physical body of an individual. In Indian astrology and spiritualism, this is also one of the seven layers of an individual's aura, and a portal to spiritual guidance. This is typically the emotionally-based layer of the aura.

Astral plane

Psychics and mediums frequently refer to this as the world of desire or emotion, as it is a plane wherein emotions are the tangible aspect of this plane. Spirit coaches and clairvoyants sometimes refer to this plane when seeking a spirit guide or information.

Astral Projection

For psychics and healers, this is typically referred to as an out of body experience occurring while in an awake state. For clairvoyants and spirit coaches, as well as other spiritualists, this typically corresponds to having the ability to separate the astral body from the physical and enabling travel.

Astrological Age

In astrology, this refers to a time period where the vernal equinox must move through a constellation of the zodiac. During this time, the constellation and the astrological sign accompanying it are dominant and major changes can occur for individuals and for the Earth on a larger scale.


A series of traditions, systemic mysticism, and beliefs where psychics utilise the movement of the planets in relation to the constellations to discern tendencies, events and characteristics in individuals. Psychics also use this to help determine how events will occur on a larger scale.


For psychics, mediums and clairvoyants, as well as healers, the aura is the field of energy that emanates from an individual's body, or from an object. In picture visualisations used by psychics, healers and mediums, one's aura is an outline of the body in varying colours, but with focus and training, one can physically see an aura.

Aura Balancing

Utilised by healers and psychics, aura balancing is a detailed healing technique that will harmonize or smooth the aura of an individual. This can be focused simply on the head, or on the entire body, and most healers and psychics will use this as a healing method for a wide variety of afflictions.

Automatic Writing

Also known as auto-writing, and especially prevalent with clairvoyants and mediums, is a process in which an individual begins to write without knowledge or control over the text produced. This is common with mediums while attempting to contact another being, but can be a result of spiritual guidance as well.


Common with psychics and mediums, autosuggestion is the practise of sending a mental or telepathic message to one's unconscious. This typically results in a reprogramming of sorts, in the hopes of inducing positive change in behaviour.


In Indian astrology, and for many mediums and psychics, the Bardo is an Eastern word for the afterlife, which in itself is a level of reality where one takes a look at their life and reviews it. Many spirit coaches and psychics frequently speak of the blueprint of one's life, and in bardo, this is the time to determine if one has released enough seeds of karma to move on.

Beta Waves

Unlike alpha waves, beta waves are used by psychics, mediums and healers to describe the waves of the brain during a natural active and alert consciousness. Beta waves are associated with being active and conscious, while alpha waves are relaxed and calm, but alert.


In Indian astrology, one of the defining works of the Hindu faith. A portion of the Mahabharata, which is the greatest epic poem of the Indian people, the Bhagavad-Gita establishes the major beliefs in regards to conquering evil and is the path to self-realization.


A method used by clairvoyants, psychics and mediums, this is a divination method by studying the text of a page in a book when it falls open at random after a question. This is not one of the more common methods used by psychics, but it can be used with accuracy.

Bicorporal Signs

This term is used by astrologers to refer to those born with an astrological sign that contains duality. For example, Pisces and Sagittarius are double-bodied, as one of half-fish and one is half-horse. The sign of Gemini is another example for the double-bodied signs. Astrologers must take this into account when studying horoscope.


Used by psychics, one's biorhythm is a combination of the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical states of the body. Utilised in tandem with certain day cycles and one's date of birth, psychics can infer ones emotional and mental state from detection of this.

Birth Chart

A chart used by astrologers, psychics and some tarot readers to look at the position of the heavens during one's moment of birth. Psychics and astrologers use a birth chart to find what your fundamental cosmic energies are in association with your sign. Much like one's birth sign, the birth chart gives a great deal more of information.


A term used by healers and psychics when obstacles halt the movement of one's spiritual, emotional or mental energies. Healers frequently will remove many of those obstacles via a process of cleansing.


Also known as a life-map, the blueprint of an individual's life that is imprinted on one's psyche. Many psychics and mediums will assist in counselling at discerning points in one's blueprint to see what may be coming in the future.


Like many amulets, a boji is a charged stone that many healers and psychics use to close any gaps one has in their personal energy field. Typically used in tandem with aura balancing, a boji can be very important mystical amulet.

Book of Thoth

A supposed ancient Egyptian manuscript that has not been located but passed down through oral tradition, many tarot readers and tarot experts believe to be the original source of modern Tarot. Initially popularised by a freemason and minister.


In Indian astrology and Hindu spirituality, Brahma is one of the core gods, also known as deva, of the Trimurti. A god from whom all mankind is descended, he is married to the goddess Sarasvati who brings knowledge, and is one of the core deities in Indian astrology and mysticism.


With a literal meaning of the "Awakened One," the historical figure of Siddhartha Gautama, the most enlightened one who created the thought of Buddhism. He is also known as Sakyamuni of the great sage of the Sakya tribe. This title is also used for individuals who are enlightened by Buddhism.


In Indian astrology and in much Eastern thought, Buddhism is a religion and school of thought wherein one can achieve spiritual enlightenment through meditation, proper living and a proper mindset. Many psychics and mediums, as well as healers, practise aspects of Buddha.


The 4th sign of the Western Zodiac, this water elemental sign is known as "the Crab". It matches people born between the June 20 to July 20. For astrologers, this sign is ruler of the Moon. Cancers are known for being nurturing, tenacious, quick-witted, alert, sociable, energetic, and inventive. Cancers can also be over-committed, scattered, and judgmental.


Common with tarot readers, healers and Wiccans, the use of candles in the performance of spells to channel and focus psychic energy. Different coloured candles correspond to different desired effects in a spell; white for purity, black for protection, brown for influence, silver for clairvoyance, purple for psychic power, blue for calm wisdom, green for healing and growth, pink for romance, red for passion, orange for success, copper for business, gold for winning, and yellow for memory.


The 10th sign of the Western Zodiac, this earth elemental sign is known as "The Sea-Goat". It matches people born between December 20 to January 20. For astrologers, this sign is the ruler of Saturn and that Capricorns have tendencies to be stable, goal and rule oriented, disciplined, and reliable, but have the potential to also be materialistic, fearful, and overly ambitious or cautious.

Cardinal Signs

Four signs in astrology that signifies proactivity. In the constellations, these signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. For astrologers and psychics, this is said by astrologists to be indicative of pioneers, activists, and initiators.


For healers and psychics, a mineral that is typically of orange colour with distinctive reflective quality reminiscent of slitted cat eyes. The stone symbolises the astrological sign of Leo. The sun's vibrations can be focused through the stone and increase courage in the wearer, affecting their loyalty and leadership abilities, both traits associated with Leo by astrologers.

Cause and Effect

For psychics, healers and Indian astrologers, the Buddhist principle that every action in the universe has a reaction. This is tied to the belief of Karma, which dictates that bad actions will lead to bad things happening, good actions will bring back good, and that there must be a cosmic balance between positive and negative actions.

Celtic Cross

In tarot, one of the most common and comprehensive tarot spreads, also known as layouts, practised by tarot readers. This spread utilises nine cards, as well as a card to represent the individual asking the question of the reader, and then delves into all aspects of the question at hand. From the past influences on the issue, to how the present events affect it, as well as what future events in regards to the issue could be.


A practise of spiritualists, healers, psychics and tarot readers, to harmonise emotions and energies to the presence of nonphysical, psychic, or universal energies. Centering usually done by meditating, mentally focusing energy, reciting simple prayers such as the "Ohm" mantra, or with use of crystals known for balancing energy.

Ceremonial Magic

For psychics, healers and spiritualists, spells and magic used as a part of ritual worship by witches, Wiccans, and other neo-pagans. Some spells are recited as a part of holiday or Sabbath rights. These spells often have particular steps and stages to them, as most religious observances do.


The term in Indian astrology and mysticism for the wheel of energy that exists throughout the human body and the universe. Every person has 7 major chakra centres throughout their body, each associated with a different colour; the root chakra located at the base of the spine is associated with the colour red where sexual energies reside, the sacral chakra located below the belly button is associated with the colour orange where base emotional energies such as violence or pleasure are, the solar plexus chakra located between the heart and belly button is associated with the colour yellow and governs digestion and emotional growth, the heart chakra is associated with the colour green and feelings of love, passion and devotion, the throat chakra is associated with the colour blue and governs fluid thoughts and spirituality, the third eye located in the centre of the forehead is associated with the colour indigo and is the centre of clarity, intuition, and the top end of the central channel of energy within the body, and the crown chakra at the top of the head is associated with the colour violet and is the gateway between the body's energy and the energy of the cosmos.


The act of receiving, communicating, or focusing energy from a spirit or entity. Psychics, clairvoyants and mediums use channelling to give non-physical entities such as ghosts, angels, demons, or other disembodied spirits a manner of communicating with non-mediums who cannot normally see into the spirit realm.


Utilised by psychics, mediums and healers, chanting is repetitions of sound rhythmically. Sometimes known as a mantra, chanting utilises sound repetition to create and receive vibrational energy, as well as discharge it. This is especially crucial in healing.


A practise completed by healers, mediums and psychics, it is at essence the concept of taking psychic energy and charging an object, place or person with this energy. Psychics and healers often use this with objects to help cause positive change and outcome.


In angel readings and in much Western mysticism, these angels which are often associated with children with wings, are the angels that bring forth wisdom, truth and hold tight to the cosmic will. Spirit coaches also associate with cherubim as they bring forth the feminine, nurturing and guiding influences.


Also known as qi in Eastern mythology and mysticism, this is the word for the living force inherent in all beings. The energy through all things, and very commonly associated with healing and psychic energies. It is also a similar type of energy as Indian astrology's prana energy.


Used by psychics and other readers, this is the study of one's hand, including the lines on the palm, how the fingers are shaped, and how the nails are conditioned to determine characteristics of both a scientific nature and an emotional nature. This is much more expansive than palmistry.


A scientific method of healing in which a practitioner manipulates the body's joints and spinal column. This is common with healers and in Indian astrology, as well as aura manipulating. Many use this in tandem with other healing methods, such as aura balancing and channelling.


A method of healing utilised by healers and psychics, this method utilises various coloured lights to assist with healing aspects of the body and one's energy field. Typically, a healer utilising chromotherapy can balance all forms of energy, such as emotional, spiritual or mental.


An ability of some psychics, mediums and clairvoyants, this ability allows one to hear and perceive sounds that are not audible by the normal human. This can often mean the abilities for mediums and clairvoyants to hear voices of ghosts.


An ability of many healers and psychics, clairsentience allows one to see and perceive the energy fields of others, typically through physical contact with one's aura or personal vibrations. For many mediums, this allows them to perceive apparitions such as ghosts.


The ability of clairvoyants to have extra perception, where they can see objects in the distance, events, or persons, and can even perceive different forms of energy and layers of existence that others cannot. While they are typically visual in nature, they can be used in an auditory sense or a physical sense as well.


A process of purifying one's aura, one's body, or one's mind through a mental process. Many psychics, healers and clairvoyants utilise cleansing to prepare for detailed reading, or while attempting to heal others. This process can also involve grounding, wherein Earth energies are thought to be channelled back down to the Earth.

Computerised Reading

A form of tarot reading based entirely through a computer. Using a complex series of logic algorithms, these readings are programs used to draw cards and list interpretations of those cards. Many psychics and other tarot readers dislike computerised readings.


A term used by psychics and tarot readers to describe one's awareness of the world around them. For many tarot readers and psychics, this refers to that which is intangible and can only be detected by those with enhanced senses and perception.

Cosmic Consciousness

A term used by psychics and mediums to describe a connection to the infinite, or to the universe as a whole. In Indian astrology and Buddhism, this is also used in a similar connection to a higher state of enlightenment and learning.


A term utilised by psychics, healers, angel readings and spirit coaches. The study of the creation myth from the biblical book of Genesis, and focusing on the multiple steps on how the creation developed in the biblical book.


A term used by psychics, spirit coaches, tarot readers and healers, this is the study of the actual primordial, governing elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Time, Gravity and Space. The practise is specifically used by tarot readers in regards to understanding how the laws for these elements factor into one's life.

Court Cards

In Tarot, the cards corresponding to the royal court. The Page, Knight, Queen and King, although sometimes the Page and Knight are replaced by the Prince and Princess. These cards are given additional emphasis as identifiable traits to the querent, also known as the individual asking for the reading.


In modern neo-pagan religion and history, a coven is the circle and sisterhood for witchcraft. The community of witches develops into a coven where mysticism, magic and other psychic energies and practises are utilised, often requiring the ability of a clairvoyant.


For psychics and mediums, a generic term for the great one God, the infinite or cosmos. This same creator instilled all universal law and brings forth the one main principle that regardless of how detailed the organism or mechanism, there is a creator at the centre of it.


Scientifically, a mineral in the family of quartz that has the unique ability to store, transmit, receive or even amplify vibrational energies. For healers, spirit coaches and psychics, these are typically used to facilitate communication, healing, and becoming attuned to the spiritual realm.

Crystal Ball

For clairvoyants and psychics, a small sphere of crystal that is utilised for divination. The ball is typically set upon a stand and is much smaller than the misconceived notion of a large rugby ball-sized crystal. The sphere is actually only typically 6 centimetres in diameter, sometimes a bit larger.

Crystal Gazing

A process of clairvoyants and psychics that is also known as "scrying." This divination tool allows the clairvoyant to gaze into the crystal ball until images begin to surface and are then interpreted to the subject of the reading.


One of the Minor Arcana's four suits in a tarot deck, this suit is best associated with water. These cards strongly associate with emotion, love, dreams, memories, fears and sensitivity, as well as oceans, rivers, and other major bodies of water. In modern playing card decks, this suit associates with the suit of hearts.


A term utilised by psychics, spirit coaches, astrologers, mediums and clairvoyants to describe occurrences with take place in a series and in a repeating pattern over time. The pattern occurs specifically and with timing that is independent of any other conditions that may change.

Dalai Lama

The leader of Tibetan Buddhism, the term literally translates to "Exalted Ocean." Many astrologers, spirit coaches, and psychics practise various traditions associated with the lessons taught by the Dalai Lama. The current Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, is in exile in India.

Déjà Vu

A common experience wherein one feels that a new situation has actually occurred before. Either by thought or feeling, the entire situation seems very familiar and typically is a lingering sensation. For many psychics and mediums, this means that it is a sign that an individual is in the correct place at the correct time.

Delta Wave

The slowest of the human brain waves, they are a sign of deep, relaxed sleep. For psychics and healers, this state of ultimate relaxation can make an individual open to different methods of psychic activity that they normally would be unable to access otherwise.


In occult and supernatural thought, this is a supernatural spirit, often believed to be malevolent or mischievous. Many mediums and clairvoyants have to take steps to prevent unwanted assaults from demons in the spiritual plane, and spirit coaches and healers often cleanse others and block assaults while healing.


A study of psychics, mystics, spirit coaches and mediums to examine the existence, the function, the life style and the relationship between humans and malevolent, lower-intelligence spirits. Many healers and spirit coaches study to help ensure that they can block negative spirits and influence during healing and meditative guidance.


In Indian astrology, the term used for heavenly beings, also known as gods. The word has also been associated with Heaven itself in Indian astrology, and for spirit coaches, the term is often used for describing great leaders of divine inspiration.


In psychic testing for extra-sensory perception, a deviation is the term for the variation between what was expected and the number of hits that were actually perceived on the test. This deviation is neither positive nor negative, but resembles a reason to further test.


For psychics, mediums, spirit coaches, angel readings and healers, the devil is the supreme spirit that leads evil and is the enemy of God. For tarot readers, the Devil card represents a sign of disease but also of great strength in the material world.


In Buddhism and Indian astrology, the path and Way of Life. The duty and law of all humans that one must follow in order to achieve enlightenment. These major tenets of the religion lead to enlightenment through a belief in living selflessly and doing good.


Another term used by mediums, psychics and spirit coaches, this is a term for supreme awareness after a great deal of interaction with the Cosmic Consciousness. As one achieves a state of enlightenment and learns to utilise psychic energy, this can manifest in several ways, such as extra senses or knowledge.

Divine Light

In Indian astrology and utilised by clairvoyants and psychics, this is a radiating light that is perceived by the Third Eye chakra. The Light can only be realised by tuning out the physical senses so that one could look inward and seek truth. Many spirit coaches encourage meditation to seek out the light.

Divining rod

Utilised by clairvoyants and some psychics, a long tool, such as a stick or metal rod, that is narrow. The tool allows a clairvoyant to dowse and find answers to questions asked by giving a physical pull with the divining rod.


A process used by clairvoyants and some psychics, a unique practise of utilising a divining rod to find objects, minerals, water supplies, or find answers by having the rod respond accordingly. The divining object does not need to be a rod; it can also be an amulet or pendulum.

Dream Journal

A personal journal kept by an individual to write down recollections of dreams. Psychics, spirit coaches, clairvoyants and mediums all recommend that a greater awareness can be achieved by studying and interpreting dreams.


Used in tandem with dream journaling, a method used by many psychics to help one understand the meaning behind one's dreams. The purpose is to utilise dream interpretation and analysis to perpetuate growth and self-development.


The term for a Celtic priest in the pre-Christian British Isles, Ireland and France. As a member of this order, focused on Earth-based worship and practised many psychic divination methods, such as scrying and amulet charging.


A psychic and metaphysical separation from love, or an absence of love that allows one to see themselves as apart from the universe. This term can also refer to the notion that individuals are comprised of both a spiritual nature and a physical nature.


A primeval element used in basic religious and spiritualistic divinations, commonly associated with practicality, money, material resources and wealth. In Tarot readings, this element is represented in the suit of Pentacles. This element can also be used by psychics, mediums and especially used by healers.


A material living matter that becomes present and manifested by a medium. Mediums are typically associated with generating ectoplasm in communicating with ghosts or apparitions. A rare phenomenon, many mediums do not tout whether or not they can utilise this ability.

Ectoplasm Mediumship

The ability of a medium or psychic to generate and manifest ectoplasm during contact with an apparition or ghost. A very rare occurrence, the ability is under heavy scrutiny even by many mainstream psychics.

Electional Astrology

For astrologers and psychics, this is the science of seeking an auspicious time to conduct an event or undertake a new endeavour. Practised by both psychics, clairvoyants and astrologers, this is a focused form of astrology.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

For mediums and ghost "hunters", the phenomenon that consists of discarnate and disembodied voices recorded in an audio tape or video tape. These voices cannot be located or accounted for, discovered in 1959 by Friedrich Jorgenson.

Elemental Forces

The primeval elements such as Fire, Earth, Air and Water. These elements are associated with healers, Indian astrologers, psychics and mediums in association with the creation of the physical world and the maintenance of that. These files guide the majority of evolution and the psychic realm, and assist in self-growth and development.


A tool used by healers and spirit coaches, this consists of a liquid charged by a gemstone, crystal or amulet. This liquid is said to be infused with the essence of the amulet or crystal and are typically utilised by healers by drinking it.


An individual who is able to sense the emotions of others, from humans to animals as well. Many mediums and psychics can possess this ability and utilise them to assist others in self-awareness and growth.


The ability for one to detect, sense and even manipulate the emotions of others. Some psychics and mediums experience empathy as a sensitivity to others' emotions, and other mediums can channel those emotions to a stronger extent and help others realise their potential to cope with emotions.


In tarot readings, the card that represents a fatherly figure, as well as power and authority. Tarot readers can also associate this item with an inability to be flexible, a sense of strict order, and also common sense. Overall, it is a symbol of an immovable willpower.


In tarot readings, a companion to the Emperor and the symbol of motherly influence. Fertility, the abundance of crops, and prosperity of material wealth are all symbols for the Empress. Overall, this is the card tarot reader's associate with the maternal authority, pleasure, comfort and wealth.


For psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, healers and tarot readers, energy is the life force of the universe. The building block of the cosmic consciousness, they consist of electromagnetic fields that build and hold all life and substance together. This also includes psychic energy that can be transferred, but never destroyed or created, only changed.


For psychics, a state of being where an individual has come to a key realization about life and the universe and has become one with the universe. Buddhists believe true enlightenment takes a lifetime of meditation and self-reflection to achieve, and one-ness with the universe is an ultimate goal of meditative reflection.


For psychics, mediums and tarot readers, a term used to describe information or knowledge that is understood or important to a small group, but not important to most people. Generally this knowledge is thought of as being difficult to understand or complex. From the Greek word for "Within".

Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

For psychics, mediums and clairvoyants, the ability to detect the spiritual realm or other planes of existence, which are not visible or perceived by normal senses. Those with ESP are often said to have second sight. Typically, this ESP gives mediums the ability to sense apparitions of spiritual entities, and for clairvoyants, gives them the sight into perceiving the future.

Essential Oils

For healers and psychics, oils that are extracted from plants and other botanical sources and preserved in a pure form. Used in aromatherapy by being diluted in water or with other, more gentile oils. Undiluted, some can be poisonous or cause skin irritations.

Etheric body

For psychics and mediums, the state of mind one enters when they are experiencing astral projection. Often referred to as the non-corporal form used to explore the astral plane or outside of one's own body. For mediums, this can often be the point when they are inhabited by apparitions or spirits from the psychic plane.


For psychics, mediums and clairvoyants, as well as astrologers, the philosophy by which individuals establish their personal integrity. This is adopted to bring balance between the inner mind and the outer world and lead to a sense of well-being and correctness or goodness.


In tarot readings, an individual who looks to gain knowledge through the process of calling to gods, angels or spirits. With tarot, evocators utilise the cards to channel divine inspiration to attain knowledge by studying spreads, learning the meanings of the cards, and developing their Sight.


For healers and mediums, the ability of a psychic to expel or block forces that can be malevolent or to free an individual from the influence of those said malevolent forces. Psychics and spirit coaches have been known to perform this ability as well.


For mediums, psychics and healers, the process, practise or rite wherein a medium or psychic performs a ritual to expel malevolent forces or spirits from an individual. This can also be used by healers to expel forces from a situation or a location.

Expanded Awareness

For psychics, mediums and clairvoyants, the state of consciousness of the individual where one can see outside the normally recognisable. These abilities can allow clairvoyants or psychics to see truths and true forms in both the physical and emotional realm. This often can lead to self-growth and development so that one can grow closer to the divine being.

Faith Healing

For healers, the concept wherein the afflicted individuals require faith in the process and beliefs of a healer to be healed. Healers utilise the patient's faith to help facilitate the chosen treatment methods as they work to change the body's chemistry and assist in healing the body.


During a psychic manifestation, or a medium-based manifestation, this is an individual who is will to bring forth additional energy of their own to help the demonstration grow stronger. Psychics and mediums can affect the amount of energy withdrawn to the extent where the feeder could be brought to a comatose state.

Feminine Signs

In astrology, these are the signs of the Western zodiac associated with the female nature. Signs such as Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces all associate with feminine aspects, and are an additional element that astrologers will formulate interpretations on.


A primeval element used in basic religious and spiritualistic divinations, commonly associated with courage, impulsiveness, passion, rashness, energy and a sense of adventure. In Tarot readings, this element is represented in the suit of Wands. This element can also be used by psychics and mediums, as well as in candle magic.


In Indian astrology and with psychics, as well as mediums, the practise of walking upon hot coals through a great mental discipline and capacity. Instead of focusing on the ability to withstand pain, firewalking utilises awareness training and isolation to actually ignore and separate the pain through the action.

First Point of Aries

In astrology, the beginning angle degree of the Western zodiac sign of Aries. When the sun reaches this first point during the year, the vernal equinox occurs and brings forth shorter days. Astrologers interpret this particular point as the time wherein one's sense of self and self-determination will manifest into action.

Fixed Signs

In astrology, astrological signs that do not move throughout the sky, thereby symbolising a conservation of energy. Unlike other signs, Taurus, Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio do not change their positions year after year. They represent a wilfulness and power, showing that those who are born under this sign can achieve what they desire faster than others.

Flame Billets

Utilised with candlemagic by psychics, healers and mediums, the process takes a paper with the name of an individual asking a question, as well as the question itself. The psychic then slowly passes the paper over the candle flame until the burn, the smoke and the ashes reveal a point of interpretation for the practising psychic.

Flower Essence Therapy

Much like aromatherapy, psychics, healers and tarot readers utilise the extracts of flowered plants to bring force positive reactions. Healers utilise them to instil a change in body chemistry, and tarot readers often use them to cleanse and purify tarot cards prior to a reading.


In tarot, the unnumbered or zero card that is used to symbolise a journey to search for experience. Clever and almost innocent in his curiosity, the Fool is a symbol in tarot which supports wisdom that seems bizarre, if not crazy, and he is easily distracted.

Fortune Teller

In layman's terms, a clairvoyant, psychic or tarot reader who decides to use their abilities to help predict the future for others. In attempting to predict future events for an individual, a clairvoyant, tarot reader, or psychic will often sit with the individual to discern the kind of information towards what the individual would like to know.

Free Association

A method used by psychics and clairvoyants, one brings forth spontaneous reactions to words or symbols in the hopes of discerning and analysing one's thoughts on the matter. Popularised by the psychologist Sigmund Freud, this is often used with dream interpretation.


The occult movement and Fraternal order that sprang out of England during the 18th century. After moving to the United States, the order has expanded and is known for the number of secrets and rituals they have unlike any other society of its kind.


The Greek name for the eternal mother Earth goddess, this term has become symbolic and synonymous among psychics, mediums, and neo-Pagan traditions as the Earth in its purest form. For many healers and psychics, this maternal figure is the force where healers can expel negative forces to so that the Earth may cleanse it.


In Indian astrology, another name for Ganesha, the god who rules over wisdom and luck. For mystics, psychics and healers, he is great remover of all obstacles. Healers will utilise Ganesha's ability to remove obstacles to assist in heal others and cleanse auras.


During a psychic experience where one is making communication between the etheric plane and the physical one, the gatekeeper is an individual who presides over the contact. This spirit or person can also be one to protect others during a psychic or mediumship experience.


As the third sign of the zodiac, Gemini are the twins, a symbol of duality and are an air sign. Mercury rules over them, and are known for their quick-mindedness, versatility, adaptability, social nature, energy and inventiveness. They can be easily distracted or over-committed as well.


The ability to speak in tongues. For many psychics, mediums and healers, this ability facilitates communication between individuals and the divine, as well as can be used to converse between those who speak different languages. This is especially common with healers who utilise angel healing or Judeo-Christian mysticism.


In astrology, runes, and tarot reading, a character that has a symbolic meaning that may or may not be relevant to its meaning as either a written character or part of a larger image. In astrology, glyphs are the signs of the zodiac and of the planets, and with runes, these are the individual rune characters themselves.


A psychic practise of making oneself oriented with the surroundings. With healers, psychics and mediums, the process will assist in bringing energies back to the Earth that have been received or transferred through any psychic experience.

Guardian Angel

In angel readings and for many psychics and mediums, a spiritual, protective being or presence that will guide and protect individuals and groups during the psychic experience and in daily life. These spirits are attuned to a particular individual who may or may not be aware of their presence.

Guided Imagery

A practise used by psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and healers to assist one with self-growth and self-development. The process involves utilising psychic energy by having a guide help others improve their imagination by giving symbols and suggestions.


For Indian astrology and for many psychics and mediums, the term for a great teacher, an expert in the psychic and mystical ways. Psychics and mediums that are considered gurus are considered enlightened and more awakened with the ability to lead other individuals to a place of light.


For psychics and clairvoyants, this is a form of divination wherein one walks around a circle of chalk and then examining the way the position of the body is in relation to the actual circle. This particular form of divination has its roots in much more ancient mysticism, possibly Indian astrology and mysticism.


In astrology, mysticism, spiritualism and psychic experiences, the circle of light that is around and sometimes completely envelopes the top of a deity's head. In psychic experiences, they may not always be above the heads of deities, but also enlightened gurus or highly powerful psychics or mediums. In Indian astrology, a halo stems from the use of the crown chakra prior to ascension to a higher plane.

Healing Channel

For mediums, an individual medium that has the capacity to bring healing power forth and transfer it to an ill individual. A medium that utilises the channel as a healer is able to extend their psychic energy to the greater spiritual power and then bring that energy down to an individual who is unwell.

Healing Petitions

For healers, psychics and mediums, a talisman utilised to help ask for healing. One writes a request for what sort of healing they would need, then takes this petition and places it into a container of the healer's. The healer then contributes energy to the healing container and brings forth results.


For psychic experiences, this can be a physical manifestation of the Utopia we experience after dying. For many religions, Heaven is the Utopian location of God's Kingdom, the place where many will go after death to live eternally on a new plane in a place of contentment.


For psychic experiences, the state of consciousness that reflects desolation, a place of eternal suffering and wickedness. For many religions, Hell is the place where Satan is and the home of evil servants and demons. Many psychics and mediums believe that hell can be a state of consciousness that is self-afflicted over time.


For healers, a form of healing wherein the healer utilises herbal formulas to help bring about results. In some cases, this can mean creating elixirs and tonics from an infusion of herbs in a liquid that would then be ingested, and it can also mean other methods, such as using them to treat wounds and illnesses.

Hermetic Principles

In psychic circles, these are seven principles of Western thought that are to be considered the great foundation to all life and creation in the physical plane. For mystics and psychics, these foundations are Mentalism, Polarity, Rhythm, Correspondence, Vibration, Gender, and Cause and Effect.


In Tarot readings, the Hermit is the card symbolising prudence and wisdom. Tarot readers also associate silence, looking inward, reflecting, time spent in solitude and a very strong inner search and deep understanding. This card is vital for tarot readers when exploring possible next steps in dealing with future events.

High Magic

For healers and neo-Pagan mystics, this is a concept of magic done without need of rites, spells or tools, but rather the practitioner has become enough of an expert to do these by memory. In the case of healers specifically, many healers who can perform faith healing and healing by touch have the capacity to practise high magic.

High Priestess

In Tarot readings, a card representing love, relationships, wisdom, common sense, and the feminine intuition. For tarot readers, this card also represents the capacity for mystical vision, otherworldly power and introspection.

Holistic (Wholistic)

For psychics, mediums and clairvoyants, as well as healers and tarot readers, this term is used to refer to an approach to life, health, well-being or spiritualism. This approach is both focused on scientific principles as well as focusing on artistry and intuition, making it a comprehensive and integrative way of life.

Holy Spirit

In psychic and clairvoyant experiences, the concept that there is a great spirit as a whole. This can also represent the will of the Supreme Being or Beings as it is turned into action. This can also be a term for the psychic radiating light of a divine or supremely powerful nature.


For healers, this is a science that utilises the principle that like will attract like. When one is ill or unwell, instead of focusing on treating the symptoms, healers will look at the causes of the illness and focus on treating that instead.


In the most literal sense for astrologers, this is the picture of the skies at the precise moment of one's birth. After one's birth, astrology interprets this as a forecast of future events or personality traits based on the position of the astrological constellation that one is born under.


For clairvoyants, mediums and psychics, this is a form of divination by which one looks into a surface of water to discover that which is hidden, or to see future events or relevant objects. This is referred to as “scrying” in many psychic experiences and mediumships, and is a very common practise.


For mediums and psychics, this is a term for when something occurs between sleep and a state of wakefulness while in a state of trance. In this state, one can experience vivid imagery, auditory sensations, or other tactile sensations that would otherwise not be perceivable.


For mediums, psychics and clairvoyants, a state of consciousness wherein one is put into a state of high suggestibility, so that one can be made to show a variety of behaviours or actions. In many cases, psychics and mediums utilise hypnosis to help direct an individual for discerning hidden behaviours and either encourage or discourage them.

I Ching

In Eastern mysticism, and for many clairvoyants and psychics, a form of philosophical and oracle-based divination wherein sticks are cast to create various symbols. The philosophical text creating this divination involves having a very deep and thorough understanding of yin and yang.

Ill dignified/reversed

In Tarot readings, this is the state of a card when it is drawn and placed upside-down. This type of pull of the card is important, as when the cards are reversed or upside-down, the meaning of the tarot card changes significantly, typically representing an opposite or opposing effect as the card when it faces upright.


For psychics and mediums, the form and action of manifestation. For Indian astrology and other psychic experiments, this manifestation is typically one's physical body while in this world. For mediums, this would often mean a supernatural entity that manifests or appears in a body.


For psychics, mediums and tarot readers, as well as healers, incense is a substance that has a very fragrant aroma. This can come in the form of cones that can be burned and allowed to smoke, or sticks of incense. Some healers and psychics utilise incense in the form of oils that can be heated as well.


For psychics and mediums, it is a transition from one point of experience to another. For many psychics, this manifests as a heightened awareness to the senses, increased expansion of the consciousness, and even periods of enlightenment, after which the individual remains enlightened.

Inner Eye

Also commonly known as the “third eye,” a term used by psychics for the clairvoyant sense of intuition. The inner eye does not literally have a physical location in the body, but finding the spiritual core of the inner eye comes after a time of honing and strengthening one's psychic abilities.


For psychics and clairvoyants, the sense wherein one deciphers their extrasensory perception. For mediums and clairvoyants, this refers to their ability to decipher the images and expressions that come to them during a psychic experience. In tarot reading, interpretation is the learned and extrasensory perception of the meaning behind the cards.


A term used by psychics and clairvoyants to describe the ability of individuals to inherently know something or to sense something without using any of their rational sense or processes. This is a very fast and immediate recognition, as an awareness that comes from an instinctual recognition.


A term used by psychics, mediums and clairvoyants to mean the opening of one's awareness to the greater consciousness or power. For high magic and Indian astrology, this term refers to the calling upon a spiritual force to inspire action.


For psychics, mediums, spiritualists, and tarot readers, a pivotal and integral goddess of ancient Egypt whose presence has pervaded throughout all major religions of the ancient world and has lingered and had a thriving cult even in present times. The goddess of magic, maternal love, and of divination, she is a figure many spiritualists, mediums and clairvoyants can call upon when preparing for a psychic experience.


In tarot, one of the major cards that represent a sense of rebirth, accepting one's mistakes or actions, and a symbol of release. This card, even though the name sounds ominous, actually often represents forgiveness as a form of judgement, and that through forgiveness of one's mistakes, there is a new beginning and the promise of redemption.


In tarot, one of the major cards of the deck, this card represents virtue and the impartiality of justice. Unlike Judgement, which represents an emotional pull to forgive, Justice represents the critical, objective mind, the cold intellectual fact and analysis of one's actions. Conversely, this also provides an individual with clear vision of the future.


For psychics and spiritualists, a deeply-rooted form of Jewish mysticism. For Judaism, this is an esoteric effort to explain the relationship between the individual and the psychic plane, the mysterious Creator, in an effort to put one closer to the Cosmic Consciousness.


For psychics and mediums, an ancient Hawaiian religious belief that brings forth psychic knowledge and experience. Requiring very strict discipline, the faith brings forth enhanced psychic experiences and skills provided that one can learn and accept the disciplines taught to them.


In Indian astrology and Hinduism, the goddess synonymous with the force of destruction in the world. Often represented as one who destroys the ego and one's illusions about themselves, she is the wife of Shiva and is known for her supreme wrath.


In Shintoism, the religion native to Japan and for psychics, mediums and many healers, the forces of nature that is vital and embodied in every aspect of nature. Each tree, rock, river or mountain can be a kami, possessing a sentient spirit that must be respected.


In Indian astrology and in Hinduism and Buddhism, this term describes the sum total of one's actions in their lifetime, and the consequences of them here on Earth. This does not only mean one's current life, but rather also any past lives or incarnations they may have led, and essentially operates as cause and effect: One's karma is created or released based on one's actions.


For psychics, mediums and healers, a practise of muscle testing. In this process, one holds a particular substance while testing is run to see how one's muscles response. Typically, the goal of testing is to detect muscular resistance responses with the substance in question.

Kinetic Energy Phenomena

For psychics, mediums and clairvoyants, this is the phenomenon wherein objects move spontaneously without someone moving to do so, or willing said movement. For many mediums, this is often a sign of a presence of a supernatural kind in the room.


In tarot readings, the King card is one of the major court cards of each suit of the tarot deck. In tarot readings, the King is considered the most powerful card of each suit and typically is much synchronised with older men over the age of 35. They also can mean the most powerful and base archetypal meaning of the individual suit.

Kirlian Photography

Amongst psychics and mediums, as well as "ghost hunters", a form of photography in which one takes pictures and after they develop, the energy field or aura of an individual or an object can be seen. This form of photography captures that which cannot be seen by the naked human eye.


In tarot readings, one of the major court cards in each suit of the tarot deck. This particular card in each deck tends to be a more impulsive aspect of each suit, and typically synchronises with younger men between 18 and 35. It often will represent youthfulness.


In Indian astrology and chakra discipline, a form of primordial energy that begins at the crown chakra and travels downwards. As a three and a half coiled serpent, it travels from the crown chakra down to the spinal or root chakra where it rests.

Laying of Hands

Also known as magnetic healing, this is a term for healers who utilise placing their hands upon an individual who is ill or unwell. Healers will place their hands upon the afflicted individual and channels their psychic energy to speed up healing of wounds, or to cleanse illness and affliction.

Layout or Spread

In tarot readings, this term is used by the tarot reader to represent the pattern on the table wherein the tarot reader places cards. These layouts will order the cards in positions on the table to represent a variety of times in one's life, aspects of a question being posed, as well as what may be in the future or past for an issue at hand.


The 5th sign of the zodiac, this astrological sign represents the Lion. For astrologers, this sign falls between July 20th to August 20th, and this sign is represented by fire. Leos are known to be creative, courageous, energetic, perceptive, generous, receptive, confident, and enjoy seeking attention and fame.


For psychics, mediums and clairvoyants, this term is the act of an object or individual floating into the air as if flying, or by simply being in defiance of gravity. This term can refer to the physical action of a body floating, or it can also represent when the astral body floats above the ground.


For astrologers, the 7th sign of the zodiac that falls between September 20th and October 20th. This sign is represented by the scales of balance and justice, and is ruled by the planet Venus. The characteristics of a Libra are co-dependence, diplomacy, a strong sense of justice and balance, harmony and beauty.

Life Reading (Past-life Reading)

For clairvoyants and psychics, a psychic or clairvoyant experience wherein an individual is given the opportunity to have a psychic or clairvoyant search through an individual's past incarnations or lives. This reading will bring forth prior life memories and events to help an individual understand that which they cannot remember.


In Indian astrology, Buddhism and Hinduism, this flower is a symbol for discipline in training, enlightenment, purity and compassion. In breaking down the flower, the roots in clay represent how individuals suffer daily, the stem represents spiritual discipline and training, and the blossom at the top represents the fruit of spiritual enlightenment.


In Tarot, the card that represents love as a relationship. This tarot card is known to define union between individuals, passion, pleasure and sexuality, and the desire of the individual. When reversed or ill-dignified, however, this card can also represent a sense of doubt, a dilemma at a difficult choice, and temptation.


For psychics and clairvoyants, the term that represents the natural order of the universe. Also synonymous with the cosmic consciousness, this term is used by psychics to specify the "big picture", or the looking at life from the perspective of the cosmos.


For psychics, mediums, tarot readers and healers, this term is the layman's term for inducing or accomplishing an action or event via the skilled use of psychic energies. For clairvoyants, psychics and astrologers, this term also refers to utilising one's consciousness to enact and effect will.


In tarot, a card referring to the force of action, concentration and discipline associated with the magician or practitioner. This card utilises all of the elements and suits of the tarot deck, and also stands for precision, energy, creativity and a strong sense of focus and determination.

Major Arcana

In a tarot deck, the twenty-two cards of the deck that does not follow within the four suits of the deck. They begin with the card zero, The Fool, and then continue further until culminating with the twenty-two card, The World. For the tarot reader, these cards are often considered to appeal to the larger scheme of things, larger issues such as humanity, major emotions and the world.


In Indian astrology, as well as for many psychics, a picture of the symbolic Universe as a map. These mandala patterns are very popular and some tarot readings include layouts that are based upon the mandala.


In a psychic experience, a term to describe when the psychic energies used is revealed to the naked human eye. This can mean when an entity wishes to make itself known via moving items, sending a message, or showing oneself in a psychic appearance.


In astrology, this planet is one of the most recognizable, as it symbolises war, stamina and physical prowess and strength. A wholly masculine planet, Mars is one of the most identifiable planets for astrologers and is link to the astrological sign of Aires.

Medicine Wheel

In Native American Indian astrology, this term was a circle made of stone that represented the spiralling galaxy, even prior to knowledge of the galaxy being spiral in nature. In this particular circle, it is a place of prayer, understanding, ceremony and study of the stars.


In psychic experiences, for clairvoyants and healers, this is a state where the mind and body are relaxed and placed in a state of unity between the psychic and the physical states of being. In doing so, one is more attuned to the cosmic consciousness, and can also ground oneself and make themselves more open to the non-tactile.


In psychic experiences, a particular form of psychic who is given the ability to speak and communicate with spirits from another realm. This form of psychic can contact other spirits through several forms of communication, such as through trances, séances, or allowing a spirit or entity to inhabit their body and give them a vassal to speak through.


In philosophy, the psychic form of philosophy that focuses on the unseen, higher powers and how this interlinks with humanity and the greater Universe. Psychics, mediums and clairvoyants typically practise this philosophy either consciously or sub-consciously, due to their natural focus on the relationship between humanity and the higher Universe.

Minor Arcana

In tarot, the fifty-six tarot cards that are of the four suits and do not include the Major Arcana. These cards are divided into the four suits of Swords, Pentacles (Or Coins), Wands (Or Staves) and Cups. These cards are also ordered from Ace (or one) to Ten, and then the Court Cards of Page, Prince (Knight), Queen and King.


In tarot, this card is one of the most important of the Major Arcana. This card identifies with doubt, fantasy, and an inability to see clearly, conflict, illusion, imagination and tension. Given the moon's ability in actuality to affect tides, the card also represents sleep patterns.

Mutable Signs

In astrology, a term referring to astrological signs that fall in a time frame that begins during one season and ends in another season. Those signs are Gemini, which is between spring and summer, Virgo between summer and autumn, Sagittarius between autumn and winter, and Pisces between winter and spring.

Natural Astrology

In astrology, a specific niche of astrology wherein an astrologer studies tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other naturally-occurring disasters. The disasters are studied and analysed in relation to the astrological signs and constellations.

Near Death Experience (NDE)

Especially relevant as a psychic experience, this experience is a powerful momentous event occurring to an individual who is ill or massively injured due to an accident. This individual experiences an event wherein a bright light can be seen at the end of a long tunnel, and at the end of that tunnel in that light is a state of paradise. This imagery is a common one between experiences.


Used by mediums, this is a form of divination wherein an individual contacts the dead and communicates with them in order to discover information about the future. A psychic experience that is only practised by true mediums.

Non-Causal Phenomena

For psychics and mediums, a term that encompasses that which we call fate or luck. For psychics, this means events or actions that are not actually caused by a viable or discernable source, and this sort of event is typically channelled by a psychic energy of some sort.


A term used by psychics, mediums and clairvoyants, as well as spirit coaches, to describe ways of prediction and divination by using numbers to accomplish this. Given that there are numerous systems that still clean the same results, the systems must be controlled by a psychic energy and discipline.

Out-of-Body-Experience (OBE)

For psychics, mediums and healers, as well as the common layman, this term is used to describe an instance in which the individual becomes aware of their astral or spiritual body. Often, this can be involuntary, due to a state of trance or an accident of some kind, but can also occur when dreaming. Practised mediums and psychics can have this sort of experience voluntarily.


In Tarot readings, for psychics and clairvoyants, this term represents an event or activity that is considered very important and a warning of either a coming opportunity, a great danger that should be avoided at all costs, or a highly emotional event that is about to happen. These omens are often precipitated by a spiritual entity or psychic energy.

Oriental Zodiac

In Eastern astrology, the form of the zodiac practised and popularized from Buddhism. The story of the zodiac details animals who wished to travel and arrive to pay tribute to Buddha. The animals associated with the Oriental Zodiac are the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig, and are associated with individuals born in particular years.


In divination by psychics and clairvoyants, the movement of a pendulum during a psychic experience. The movements are in a solid line in one direction to another instead of swinging in a circle. In pendulum divination, psychics and clairvoyants utilise the sort of swinging to determine answers to questions.


In tarot, the lowest of the Court cards with the least status, that typically represents communication or young people. Given that a page can be a female or a male, this card easily relates to young people of either gender. In some decks, the role of the Page is changed to the Princess, which completely changes the card to represent young women from 0 to 35.


In psychic and clairvoyant divination, as well as with neo-pagan mysticism, a form of divination in which a pendulum is utilised to answer questions for an individual. This form of divination can also detect various forms of psychic energies and can be used for that purpose, as the pendulum can be drawn to it.


A form of divination utilised by psychics and clairvoyants that is a more focused form of hand analysis, focusing solely on the palm. By looking at the creases in the hand, the lines, and other various aspects of an individual's hand, a clairvoyant or psychic can determine aspects about one's life expectancy and other major events in one's life.


For psychics, clairvoyants and healers, a belief that nature, the universe, the Cosmic Consciousness, and the gods are all one and the same. Many healers and psychics hold this belief, and as such, are willing to study and focus upon several disciplines for the maximum potential.


A term used by psychics, mediums and clairvoyants to describe phenomenon and faculties that do not fall within the normal human behaviours, or that which we feel to be understood and actual causal factors. This term often becomes synonymous with apparitions or spirit entities.


Used by psychics and mediums, this term is used to describe the science and study of paranormal activity, phenomena and behaviours. Mediums who spend time working to cleanse houses that attract entities or apparitions often work to expand their knowledge of the paranormal through this study.

Past-Life Regression

For psychics and spirit coaches, this is a technique wherein an individual is placed into a state of trance or another altered consciousness and is given the ability to recall one's past lives. Depending on the skill of the psychic, individuals can actually re-experience their past lives, and the ultimate goal is to free oneself of obstacles of the past that have bled into the present.


From psychics to tarot readers to spirit coaches and Rune study, this is the concept of the various forms of divination that exist that requires a study and discipline of learning the patterns or shapes that will yield certain results.


A tool used by psychics and mediums, as well as clairvoyants, in various forms of divination. By utilising a crystal, or another mineral-based object, called a bob, and then attaching it to either a cord or a chain, the item is then held in one's fingers and allowed to drift towards psychic energies and currents to determine answers to one's questions.


In tarot decks, one of the major four suits of the Minor Arcana. This suit associates with Earth, and is the suit best associated with practicality, hard work, money, wealth, resources, and the pursuit of wealth through ambition and determination. In the modern playing card decks, it is best associated with the suit of diamonds.

Phone Voyance

A term used by psychics and clairvoyants that conduct readings utilising psychic energy or clairvoyant abilities with an individual over a telephone. One of the most popular methods of conveying psychic knowledge and experiences.


In some variations of tarot decks, these are cards wherein the symbols that represent the suit are drawn in the same numerical value of the card. For example, the eight of swords has a picture on the card of eight swords. There are very few popular tarot decks that utilise only the symbols of the suit without now including more detailed illustrations.


In astrology, the 12th sign of the Western zodiac, represented by fish. A water sign ruled by the planet Neptune, this astrological sign is associated with being sensitive, imaginative, spiritual, compassionate, charming, dramatic, impressionable, kind, sympathetic and graceful. They also can be evasive, depressing, or lack will power.

Polysensory Incantation

In psychic experiences, and utilised by healers, this concept is the practice of focusing on a particular word or term and then repeating said term until it finally forms into physical or spiritual being and is made manifest. Many healers utilise this method in order to facilitate healing.


A term used by psychics and mediums to describe the event in which something takes physical control of one's body. A term used exclusively in regards to a spiritual entity, many mediums and psychics describe this as a situation where the individual's spirit is temporarily indisposed or abandoned while the spiritual entity holds control of the physical body.


With psychics, healers and spirit coaches, as well as tarot readers, this is the most earnest effort by the individual to attempt to contact God or the Cosmic Consciousness. This effort involves attempting to put the heart and mind close to the communication with God, in earnest hope of seeking something or thanking the divine.


A term utilised by tarot readers and psychics that inherently mean a statement of what could or shall happen. This statement is created by information gleaned from one's study of various known behaviours, estimating the possibilities and possible outcomes, and then predicting from there.


A term utilised by psychics and mediums to represent one's spirit, mind or soul. This term can also be used by tarot readers, healers and other paranormal parapsychologists to represent one's mental structure or psychological structure of an individual's personality.

Psychic Energy

For psychics, mediums and clairvoyants, this is the invisible, incredibly powerful and intelligent force of nature that comes from the human mind. This force creates the electricity that flows through the body of the psychic and then can be transferred to an individual or be used to channel into the spiritual and astral plane.

Psychic Surgery

A form of healing utilised by healers and some psychics wherein an individual's internal bodily injury or illness is healed without tools. Specifically, this sort of surgery involves a healer being able to remove or heal diseased tissue or organs without ever needing to use an instrument.


For psychics, numerologists, and mediums, a geometric shape with five sides that creates a three-dimensional triangle shape. Pyramids are ancient shapes that psychics and mystics have utilised to harness the energy fields that a pyramid will create within itself.


For psychics, mystics, mediums and spirit coaches, the study of pyramids and the energy fields that they create and maintain on their own. For many psychics, they look into the ways that pyramids have been used historically and also their ability to preserve objects and individuals.


In the tarot deck, one of the major court cards for each of the suits. In quite a few decks, the Queen is sometimes the only female card of the court, and therefore represents all women. In the decks where the Princess is in the deck instead of the page, this makes the Queen the friend of older women over the age of 35.


In tarot exclusively, this term refers to an individual who seeks guidance through the Tarot cards. This is typically an individual who then asks a tarot reader questions and asks that they receive guidance while the tarot reader performs the readings. This term is exclusive to tarot.


With mediums and psychics, a presentation or experience wherein a medium or psychic will seek out the answers to questions posed by either seeking communication with spiritual entities, or by utilising cosmic energies. A tarot reading is the event in which a Tarot reader presents and interprets the Tarot cards to answer the questions posed by the Querent.


For healers, a Chinese therapy treatment that uses massage of the soles of the feet, palms of the hand, and other key points around the body to realign the flow of a person's qi and heal a number of internal ailments. Different regions of the soles of the feet correspond to different organs in the body, so by manipulating and massaging the foot, you can adjust the flow of chi to the organs.

Reiki therapy

A technique developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist monk as a way to control the flow of the universal life energy (Chi to Buddhists, called reiki in Japanese) and to transfer energy through the palms of the hands. Reiki practitioners, healers and masters focus and push chi in order to heal ailments and attune auras. There are 3 levels of mastery in using Reiki: First Degree is master of self healing and extending your aura to heal others directly, second degree is distance healing, and third degree is true mastery and ability to teach others to use reiki. Westernized reiki also utilises Indian Chakras.


In Indian astrology, and for many clairvoyants and psychics, the process of souls being born into new bodies after completing one life cycle. This comes from the Hindu belief that once a person dies, their body is reborn into a new body, and the better life they lived and the more balanced their karma was, the better the new life they are born into will be.

Remote viewing

A process of clairvoyants and psychics wherein one utilises clairvoyance or extra sensory perception to see things that are at a distance or in a distant location.


The spiritual amplification of energy when two similar spiritual energy patterns are drawn together. The waves of spiritual energy will synch up or harmonize, which amplifies the energy emitted. This can be between people, places, inanimate objects, and even events.


In Tarot, one of the single most iconic and recognisable tarot decks in modern tarot. Designed by Pamela Colman Smith under the direction of Arthur Waite, this deck was published by the Rider Company, therefore gaining its name. The images are very simply drawn, but the backgrounds and symbolism in the deck has brought focus to the niche of studying the card for additional interpretation per the deck.


For rune readers, psychics and other mediums, these are the letters of the Viking or Nordic alphabet. In Norse mysticism, the system given to humans by the Alfather god Odin, wherein stones inscribed with a letter of the alphabet could be cast into a circle and read. These stones can be made of stone, clay, or even wood.


For modern witches, spirit coaches and neo-pagans, the term used to describe high days of worship. These festivals fall upon major equinoxes or other seasonal changes, and are the time set aside for Wiccans to worship, share and perform magic during a time when psychic energy is high.


The 9th sign of the zodiac that falls between November 20th and December 20th, this sign is known as the archer. A fiery element, this sign is known for being sharp-witted, analytical straightforward, honest, independent and can also be overly blunt, sharp-tongued, and can be shattered.


A religion practiced in the Caribbean that is based on a blending of Catholicism, African Yourba religion, and native Caribbean traditions that tend to produce many healers and psychics. Santería shares similarities with other Afro-Caribe religions such as Voodoo, as it blends West African shamanism and Native American animism, which state that all living things are spiritually connected, and Catholic dogma, and Santería rituals include animal sacrifice, some drug use, dance, and possession by spirits. Santería is very prevalent in Cuba, Puerto-Rico, Dominican Republic, and has spread to Panama, Columbia, Venezuela, and the United States.


The 8th sign of the zodiac that falls between October 20th and November 20th, this sign is known as the scorpion, but also is known as the eagle. A watery element, this sign is known for being sexy, introspective, practical, never superficial and can also be overly secretive, purposefully mysterious, overly sexual, and vindictive.


A term used by clairvoyants and psychics to discern details, images or other information about the past or future as determined by the individual who wishes to learn. By discerning images, one gazes into crystal or a surface of opaque water, such as water in a black bowl.


An event precipitated by mediums in which a small group has a sitting in the hopes of communicating with the dead, or to see a physical psychic phenomenon. These events are led by a medium and can have phenomena such as possession, involuntary movement of objects, levitation or ectoplasmic mediumship.


In Jewish mysticism, psychics and spirit coaches refer to the ten great attributes through which God created the Universe as the Sephiroth, or sephirah in singular. They are Chokmah, wisdom; Kether, crown; Chesed, mercy; Binah, intelligence; Tiphareth, beauty; Geburah, judgement; Hod, splendour; Netzach, victory; Yesod, foundation, and Malkuth, the kingdom.


A term that describes spirit coaches of ancient primitive societies. For modern spirit coaches, this refers to their ability to enter altered states of consciousness voluntarily so that they can utilise psychic energy to move from the physical to the hidden plane and to learn knowledge, gain power or to assist others in need.

Shared Dreams

With psychics, dream coaches and spirit coaches, the phenomenon wherein individuals share the same exact dream events and often involve the other individual. Most typically, this manifests as dreams between two people wherein they dream of each other and experiencing the same events, signalling a strong psychic connection.


The native religion of Japan that holds a strong sense of animism. Through this religion, individuals believe that nature and the Gods, as well as one's ancestral spirits, are all unified and sentient, requiring respect. The word literally translates to "Way of the Gods."


In tarot, a card chosen from the Court Cards or the Major Arcana to signify the querent in tarot readings. Sometimes, these are pulled from the deck to represent the issue at hand in its purest form. For example, in the Celtic Cross layout, the significator card is placed underneath where the first card pulled will be placed and is never revealed.


For Native American ceremonies, spirit coaches and psychics, a practise wherein a special planet, such as sage, is burned in the area wherein a ceremony or reading will take place. The smoke that is generated throughout the burning is said to cleanse an area and remove any negativity.


For psychics and mediums, as well as most individuals, this term represents the spiritual and immortal essence of our lives that lies within us. In some spirits of thinking, this represents the spark of divinity that we hold throughout our lives, that brings us closer to God.


In the tarot deck, a card of the Major Arcana that represents the strong sense of self-control and discipline in an individual. Synonymous with inner strength, patience and compassion, as the inner strength represents an ability to be kind, generous and gentle.


In tarot decks, the term referring to the divisions of the decks of cards. Each division has its own symbol, which then is considered the "suit" of the card. The most common terms for the suits in the Tarot deck are Swords, Cups, Wands, and Pentacles.


In the tarot deck, a card of the Major Arcana that is most synchronised with optimism. This card most refers to splendour, brilliance, enthusiasm, joy, expansion, positivity, enlightenment, innocence, assurance, energy, happiness and vitality. Overall, this card is one of the most positive in the deck.


A tool used by psychics and healers wherein a physical, inanimate object is infused with psychic energy. Unlike an amulet or elixir, this item has no specific elemental psychic energy, but rather it assists to bring changes to an individual's lifestyle or environment.


A deck of 78 cards utilised for divination. These pictures represent a wide array of universal archetypes that are both ancient and respected, and can bring insight to one's future, psychological state, and other metaphysical principles. The first recorded origin of the tarot is in the Middle ages, but its true origins are ancient.


The 2nd sign of the zodiac that falls between April 20th and May 20th, this sign is known as the bull. An earth element, this sign is known for being hard-working, stable, responsible, determined, patient, reliable, affectionate, slow to grow angry and can also be a little dominate, selfish or slow.


In tarot, the card for Temperance is one of the Major Arcana that is represented by an angelic woman pouring water into wine. This card represents transcendence, harmony, balance, a sense of good health, recovery, healing and synthesis. It is through this card that unions are formed.


In numerology, for mystics, healers and clairvoyants, as well as tarot readers, this is known as the perfect number and the single most important number in magic, psychic experiences and the divine. Linked to Jupiter, the largest and most powerful planet, this symbol represents the joining of one and two to create the perfect trinity.


In Indian astrology and mysticism, this term has two separate meanings. In the physical form, the totem is a post that has carvings of an emblem or a mask of an animal or particular plant. In Indian mysticism and spirit walks, one's totem is meant to be one's animal spirit guide.


In tarot readings, one of the cards of the Major Arcana that is known to represent ruin and desperation. One of the few cards in the tarot deck that truly signifies chaos, hard times coming, a great destructive force, or disruption. While it does signify the great destructive force, though, it does not signify that the force will not have a positive effect.


For mediums and psychics, an altered state of consciousness in which the medium allows a spiritual entity to take over the medium's voice or even their body in order to speak to an audience of humans. Frequently, this is an event that occurs during a séance.

Tree of Life

In psychic Kabbalistic tradition, a symbol of the faith that is a grid in the shape of a tree, with each branch ending in a Sephiroth. In Tarot readings, a particular layout that utilises the Kabbalistic grid to have the cards placed at each point where the Sephiroth are placed.

Twin Souls

In psychics, mediums and clairvoyants, the term used for two minds that have a very close psychic affinity and have reincarnated together over several lifetimes, and their souls are always close. If they are on the astral or physical plane, they are close and react compatibly to one another, but this does not make them exclusive.

Unifying Principle

In Indian astrology and Chinese mysticism, this is the concept of balance wherein the universe operates on a constant balance of positive and negative, masculine and feminine, yin and yang. This principle permeates all parts of our life, such as in science, history, art, religion, psychology, medicine and all others.


The 6th sign of the zodiac that falls between August 20th to September 20th, and is an element of the earth. This sign is associated with intelligence, self-discipline, being detail-oriented, analytical, unassuming, and can also be judgemental, critical and have low self-esteem.

Vision Quest

In Native American Indian astrology and mysticism, this is a psychic experience in which an individual fasts, spends time in solitude and engages in heightened dreaming for the purpose of discerning more information about themselves. This process focuses on self-discovery and self-growth.


In tarot, one of the suits of the tarot deck that identifies with fire. This suit is associated with energy, intuition, inspiration, intellect, action, creativity, fire, one's career and the notion of growth. This suit has also been referred to as staves, sceptres, rods and arrows, depending on the particular tarot deck.


A primeval element used in basic religious and spiritualistic divinations, commonly associated with love, emotion, psychic abilities, fantasies, healing and dreams. In Tarot readings, this element is represented in the suit of Cups. This element can also be used by psychics and mediums.

Wheel of Fortune

In tarot readings, a card in the Major Arcana that most represents the change of one's fortune. Most often, this card is associated with new opportunities, a sudden event, destiny, fate, possibilities, new developments, speed ,sudden change, a good change of fortune and interpretations.


In old English, this word literally means Witchcraft. For psychics, mediums and clairvoyants, this is a neo-pagan religion focused on nature and the duality of the divine. This religion utilises psychic rituals and ceremonies to connect with the natural forces and by utilising calling upon various aspects of the divine.


Like glossalalia, this term is used by spirit coaches, healers, psychics and mediums to describe speaking in tongues or other languages. Unlike glossalalia, however, this particular form of speaking in tongues involves speaking a language that the speaker does not know at all.


In Nordic mythology, rune reading, and psychic mysticism, this is the name for the great World Tree on which all nine realms of the universe are held in. Of the nine realms, the most recognizable are Midgard, the land of humanity; Asgard, the land of the Norse gods; Jotunheim, the land of the frost giants; Hel, the location of the dead, and Gimle, the land of heaven.

Yin and yang

In Eastern mysticism, a concept that the universe has a law of universal change. This sense of constant centripetal and centrifugal energies that must come together is also shown in how space, time and all relevant energies come together. This belief culminates in that all worlds come from this force.


The twelve constellations that divide the sky along the ecliptic. The positioning of these signs in the sky during one's birth will determine personality aspects and how one's future might unfold. The twelve signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

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