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Kooma Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of the most common questions our customer care team have been asked over the years. It's not exhaustive but we do hope you find it helpful. Remember if you want, you can contact our customer care team weekdays, 7am to 11pm – details can be found on our contact us page.

Billing and Payments

What is the maximum call cost for queued readings?

Queued readings have a maximum call cost of £40. We'll notify you 2 minutes before your reading is about to end.

Why am I limited to £40?

This is to make access to popular readers more fair and ensures more customers are able to connect with them. It is also in line with regulatory guidance on live services.

What is the maximum call cost for PAYG and bundle readings?

PAYG and bundle readings are set to approximately £40 per reading. As an example, if you purchase a 20 minute reading for £16, you will be allowed a further 3 top ups each of £8 for 10 minutes which equates to a total cost of £40. PAYG readings have a maximum cost of £40 and we'll notify you 2 minutes before your reading is about to end.

On PAYG and bundle readings, will I be informed I can top up no further?

Yes, when you are about to reach £40 you will hear a prompt letting you know this is the last allowable top-up.

What is the maximum cost for IM readings?

IM readings follow the same rules as phone readings and have a maximum cost of approximately £40 per reading. We'll notify you 2 minutes before your reading is about to end.

How do I stop or suspend my account or usage?

You can have your account closed or temporarily suspended by emailing You can also request to have any of your telephone numbers blocked from using the service on a temporary or permanent basis. This will be done as soon as practicable and you will receive confirmation from our customer care team who may need to first contact you to confirm details. See also our Responsible Use policy which forms part of our terms and conditions.

I use the service a lot, why am I directed to customer care when I try to get another reading?

This is because we have noticed you are a frequent customer and have spent quite a lot this month on readings. For your security, we need you to confirm you are happy to continue to use our services.

How does pre-authorisation work?

We'll pre-authorise the maximum £40 on your payment card. Once your reading has been completed, your card will only be charged for the actual cost of the reading. This is the same process that hotels often use e.g. they authorise a certain amount when you check in to cover extra charges, but then only charge what you actually spend when you check out.

I authorised £40, and spent £10 on a call, but there is no credit left on my account, why?

We pre-authorised the maximum £40 that the reading could cost, but then only charged what you actually used, £10. We didn't charge the full £40 to your card. One way to think about this is that we authorise "up to £40", but only charge for the actual usage.

Will I have to authorise £40 each time I want to join a reader’s queue?

Yes, if you want to use the pre-authorisation option to avoid interruptions.

I don’t have £40 on my payment card, can I still have a call back?

Yes, the need to authorise £40 is only if you want to use the pre-authorisation option to avoid interruptions. You can use the standard Pay As You Go option instead and top up in the call as usual.

I have credit left on my Kooma account, will I still need to pre-authorise £40?

Yes. We need to ensure that £40 is authorised to cover the maximum cost of the reading. Some services such as queuing do not start the reading immediately and any credit on your Kooma account could be used up before the reading starts. Any unused credit on your account will be used towards the cost of your reading though. For example, if you have £10 credit on your account, we will still authorise the maximum call cost of £40 on your payment card, if your reading then costs £30 we’ll use the £10 credit on your account and charge the remaining £20 to your payment card (£10 credit + £20 on payment card = £30 reading cost).

How can I see what pending transactions I have?

Any pending transactions for pre-authorisations in the last 7 days will show on the Transaction History page in the Pending section.

How long will it take for a pending transaction to reversed?

We request any transaction reversals immediately. Depending on your bank, it may take up to 72 hours for this to show on your account.

Are there any hidden charges?

Not from Kooma. The price we quote is the price we charge. We would draw your attention however to the fact that mobile networks “surcharge” calls to many numbers , particularly to “0906” numbers . Please check without your network operator to see if this is the case. If you use our credit card service you can avoid this surcharge by calling our freephone number 0800 075 3262.

Why can't I access your “0906” number from my mobile phone?

Sometime mobile operators bar their customers from phoning “0906” number to avoid them running up large bills. You can phone your mobile operator and request this bar to be lifted.

What's a voice short code?

A short code is a 5 digit number that can only be accessed from a mobile phone. Its simpler and easier to remember than a traditional long number and more importantly it avoids any mobile operator surcharge being applied to your bill.

What is the best way to purchase a credit card reading?

Once your account is set up you can purchase a reading through the website, there is no need to re-input your details.

You can also always purchase a reading from within the call! Once you dial the 0800 number advertised you will be prompted within the call whether you wish to purchase a reading or not. It's a great way to top up a reading too once on a call If you want to extend the length of a reading.

You can also seamlessly purchase a reading from within a call or on the website, its your account and you can top up and buy readings when you like and how you like.

How do I make repeat payments?

Once you have set up a Kooma account either by speaking to our customer care team or by setting up an account on the website, you can simply log in and buy a reading through the website – its quick and simple as we have all your purchase information stored securely using the latest levels of encryption. You can also phone the 0800 number that you usually use to speak to our readers and purchase a reading from within the call – just follow the simple in call menu prompts.

How will the cost of a reading appear on my credit card bill?

Readings will appear as being from "".

Why wasn't my payment authorised?

Generally this is because VISA, our credit card partner does not recognise the card details you have provided or there is some data missing. Please check that you have entered all details correctly, especially the long number, expiry date, CVV security number (the last three digits on the back of the card) and on your contact details that you have put in the correct post code for the address that the card is registered with.

If everything has been entered correctly and we still cannot authorise the transaction, please contact your credit or debit card company direct.

Will you bill me without me agreeing to it?

Never. We do not run subscription services and will always seek your consent before you are charged for any service. Remember you do have to be 18+ to use our services and have the bill payers permission.

I don't have a credit or debit card. Can I still have a reading?

Yes, you can still have a reading. You will need to call our Premium Rate service on the following number, 0906 966 5678. Calls are charged at £1 per minute + your network's access charge.

What conditions do I need to fulfil in order to have an account with Kooma?

You must be over 18 years of age and have received a registration confirmation with your password and username. You must also have a valid credit or debit card. You can also sign up by phoning our customer care team who can talk you through setting up an account and do the hard work for you. Contact them now on (7am-11pm weekdays).

Log In and Accounts

I've forgotten my user name

Your user name is the email address you used to register with us. If you cannot remember it please contact our customer care team direct at (7am-11pm weekdays).

I've forgotten my password

Click hereif you have forgotten your password. We will send you your new password to the email address you use to log in with. You can then easily change your password to something more memorable once you log in. If you have any problems please contact our customer care team at (7am-11pm weekdays).

Can I only phone in from a number I've set up with you

Yes. For your additional security we chain your account to a telephone number that you specify so that only calls from that number can spend your money! You can change this number – or add up to two more – at your convenience by logging in and looking for the “change telephone” tab within “my account”.

I have credit and debit cards, can I have more than one account registered with Kooma?

You are only allowed one account with Kooma and you will only be able to register one debit or credit card at any one time. This is for your own security and protection. You can change this at your convenience at any time by logging in and looking for the “manage cards” button under “my account”.

Are my details going to be shared with a third party?

No. We will never share your details with a third party. If you suspect your details has been obtained by another person you must notify us immediately by emailing our customer care team direct at

How do I change my contact details?

To change you contact details, please log in to your Kooma account and follow the links to “my account”. Here you can change your contact details, credit and debit card details, access telephone numbers, password, email account, see your transaction history and of course purchase a psychic reading.

Why do you need to know my address and birthday?

We require your birthday to ensure that you are over the age of 18, this service is for adults only. Your address is only required if you wish to purchase a reading using your debit or credit card. All data is held securely and we will never share this with a third party. You can see our full privacy policy here.

What is your Data protection guarantee?

We take the privacy right of our users very seriously and seek to ensure the highest standards of compliance with the UK Data Protection Laws and Regulations. We have an up-to-date entry under the Data Protection Register. You can see our full privacy policy here.

Can I cancel my registration with Kooma?

Yes, you can at any time. For your own security and protection this must be done by you writing or by email from your registered email address to us asking for your registration to be cancelled.

Questions and Complaints

I wasn't satisfied with my reading and I would like to complain about the reader.

All our readers go through a test reading and a rigorous engagement process before being accepted in to the Kooma team and we take all complaints very seriously. If at any time you are dissatisfied with a reading and you want to complain about a specific reader or reading you had, please write to our customer care team direct at

A reader is shown as clairvoyant but they told me they don't have this skill and I want a refund

Please email us at (7am-11pm weekdays) detailing the nickname of the reader you spoke to, their PIN as well as the time and date you had the reading and we will investigate in full. It usually takes 48 hours (working days) to complete our investigation and process a refund so please be patient.

How do I listen to the recordings of my previous readings?

To listen to the recording of your previous readings, please call 0901 024 0044 from the registered number you used to have the reading. Please note recordings are kept for up to one month and you need to press 1 before being connected to the reader on the original call (as prompted within the service) to ensure your call is recorded for you to listen to at a later date.

One of the readers wanted to exchange their private details with me. Is this allowed?

Our readers are not authorised to disclose or receive any personal or contact information. If any reader offers or discloses this, please notify us immediately by emailing (7am-11pm weekdays). Please note down the reader's nickname or their PIN and refer it to us for investigation.

Why do I get cut off while using your services?

Very often customers get cut off while being on a call because they are calling from a mobile phone and they go out of network coverage. If you get cut off please contact our customer care team at (7am-11pm weekdays) in the 24 hours following the call you made to our services so we investigate the cause.

I want to speak to a specific reader and they are always busy. How can I book a reading with them and ensure I get a reading?

To grant the chance to every customer to speak to their favourite reader we do not have a booking system on Kooma. We do however have a premium service which will put you in a queue and allow you to speak to your favourite reader as soon as they get off the phone. To access this Premium Service charged at £1 per minute (max £40), please dial 0800 075 8836".

Why is my negative review not being published?

We will continue to receive feedback from customers on their reading experience and will treat all feedback seriously. Customers who are not happy with their reading will have their feedback forwarded to our customer care team for review and we will take the necessary action i.e. work with the reader to improve the overall quality of reading or liaise with the customer directly to resolve the issue. Kooma has aligned itself with other psychic platforms and will now show the latest 10 testimonials for each reader. A testimonial is a statement in support of the service received.

General Questions

How should I prepare for my psychic reading?

In order to get the most from your reading we recommend you find a quiet place to call and choose a time when you're least likely to be interrupted. It's also a good idea to have a couple of spiritual questions prepared in advance. You'll find all Kooma psychic readers are friendly, insightful and entertaining.

How can I choose my Psychic Reader?

There are two ways to do so, either on our website or actually on the phone service itself when you call.

Search for a psychic reader on the web
You can use our website to search for an available psychic reader

Search for a psychic reader when you call
Alternatively, you can dial the freephone number and browse through the voice profiles of our available psychic readers. Just choose Option 1 when you dial. 

Can I continue my reading when my time is up?

Yes. If you wish to extend the reading, or have another reading you can top up your account balance from within the call, or come back to the website and purchase another reading.

How do I contact Customer Care?

You can find out how to contact us on our contact page. You can contact our customer care team by email at (7am-11pm weekdays).

What exactly is the Satisfaction Guarantee?

We want you to enjoy every reading and get great value from it. Value is not just about being competitively priced but also about quality. If at any time you are not entirely satisfied with a reading please contact our customer care team direct who will arrange a refund for you. Full details of our refund policy can be found here . We do regret that we can only offer this guarantee to credit card users.

Why have you barred me from this service?

We only bar customers in extreme circumstances. Generally this is because you appear to be underage – you need to be 18+ to use this service , or it is not clear that you have the bill payers permission when phoning one of our “0906” numbers . Very rarely we do bar customers where they have been abusive to our readers. If you do think you have been barred unfairly, please contact our customer care team by email at (7am-11pm weekdays).

How long does a refund take to be processed?

You will need to report any reasons why you want a refund in the 24 hours following your use of the Service. We will take two working days to get back to you with a resolution to your complaint. If we decide to give you a refund it will be processed on the day the decision is made.

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