Spiritually Gifted?

How would you like to work from home and choose your own hours? We pay our readers weekly and you can earn up to 28p per minute of talk time. Join The Kooma Spiritual Network NOW!

Since our launch in August 2006, Kooma has experienced incredible growth. Our network of Psychic Readers is now one of the largest and most talented in the UK, and our loyal customers some of the most professionally served and respected. In order to continue on this path of success, Kooma is actively recruiting reliable spiritual talent to join our winning team.

Why Kooma?

Kooma delivers exceptional spiritual services that combine the best of traditional psychic readings with the excitement and interaction of the internet and new media. We pride ourselves in delivering an informative, revealing and entertaining service that helps our customers in their quest to discover a more spiritual path through life at rates that are fair and transparent. This is the reason so many of our customers return to us again and again. In turn, we expect our Readers to reflect these high standards and deliver the best possible customer experience. This means you will have empathy with our fair and transparent service commitment and you will comply with our core principles and guidelines. In return, you will become a valued member of the Kooma team and this will help ensure your own professional goals are achieved.

At Kooma, we respect reliable spiritual talent - we never ask our Readers to use scripts and you are able to choose you own hours!


Kooma is dedicated to exploring new ways to provide spiritual services. While at present most of our services are delivered by phone, we are constantly adapting the latest trends in communication for the spiritual community. For example, we have recently completed work on our first Facebook application, and later this year we’ll be adding Instant Messaging, Web Video and Social Networking features to our service. Few brands are doing quite so much to match traditional spiritual talent with the latest in digital communication!


We are as fair and equitable with our valued Readers as we are with our customers. This is why we never ask our Readers to use scripts and we ensure our Readers are paid every week. Our printed statements provide a physical record of your reading activity with Kooma. We are also very active in the standards and regulation within our industry, that is why Kooma (and it's parent company Psychic Switchboard Limited) are active members of the Spiritual Workers Association, the Premium Rate Association and the Association for Interactive Media & Entertainment. We closely monitor all industry, legal and regulatory developments that impact our sector and communicate these to our Readers regularly.


  • Up to 28p per minute of talk time.
  • Highly Competitive Rates
  • Paid Weekly (itemised statements provided)
  • Choose your own hours
  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support
  • Self-employed
  • Full-time admin support (Mon-Fri, 9am-5.30pm)
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Your own Web Profile and Personal Access Number
  • No scripts
  • Practice your gift with an established, ambitious and fair partner



Why not email us to learn more about the advantages of joining the Kooma network of Professional Readers.


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