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Runic Readings from Kooma

The Viking Runes evolved from ancient writing systems and were ascribed magical powers which meant they could be used to protect property and ward off evil spirits. Reading Runes for predictions and spiritual insight involves professional rune readers casting the Runes and interpreting their symbols in order to answer your questions.

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Personal and Confidential Runic Readings

With Kooma, you can have your Runes read any way you choose. You can connect with our Rune readers by phone to gain valuable insights into your life or spiritual path. Kooma's team of Rune readers offers you the widest choice of gifted talent in the UK. Our friendly and knowledgeable Rune readers are available 24/7 for Runic readings on questions of love, wealth and spiritual guidance.

Kooma is fully Phone-paid Services Authority compliant, which should give you added peace of mind when contacting our professional Rune readers by phone. We conduct ongoing assessments of our readers and routinely run a Kooma-wide quality audit on all of our Rune readers and online psychic readings. When you choose a Rune reading from Kooma, your confidentiality and our quality is guaranteed.

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We offer good value Runic readings at the right price, and on credit card access calls we only charge you when you are directly connected to one of our Rune readers. Our helpdesk is also staffed with a dedicated customer care team who are standing by to discuss a refund or bonus Rune reading if you are not entirely satisfied.

About Your Viking Rune Reading

There are several kinds of Runic alphabets, which is also known as the ‘Futhark' due to the sounds of the first six Runes.

The oldest set of Runes is the Elder Rune Futhark. There is also a Viking Rune Futhark and an Anglo-Saxon Rune Futhark. The Elder Runes are most commonly used in divination. To the Vikings, each letter or sound represented by the Runes held a story and a power or vibration unto itself. When used as a divination tool, the Vikings used these symbols and stories to look into the future and predict what was coming.

Get Insightful Runic Readings

Similarly to Tarot readings, a rune reading will begin with your connecting with Rune readers by phone. You will be asked to provide your question, or to concentrate in your mind on a question that you would like the Runes to answer.

During your online psychic readings your reader will then arrange the Runes they have selected into a particular layout. The type of casting and layout chosen varies depending on the type of reading, and the number of Runes varies depending on the need for more depth in the Rune reading.

Each Rune and its position in the casting will determine the symbolism and meaning that the reader will interpret to answer your chosen question.

Rune Reading from Kooma

Many of our Rune readers are also skilled Tarot readers, psychics and spirit coaches who offer online psychic readings. These skills can provide further insights during your Rune reading, as well as valuable spiritual advice. Online psychic readings from Kooma are confidential and regularly quality checked, so contact Kooma's Rune readers by phone or text today and find out how you can improve your life with our in-depth Runic readings.

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