What’s in store for the freshly ex Mrs Ritchie in 2009?

Despite receiving a decree nisi on her marriage to Guy Ritchie less than a month after they split, all may not be plain sailing for Madonna, 50, over the next few months.

According to the predictions of Astrology.com.au’s Dadhichi Toth, ‘What’s Madonna is undergoing now – when Saturn is retrogressing – does indicate she may think she’s out of the woods with Guy Ritchie. But there are a lot of other problems (yet) to come up and it may affect her physical health as well.’

However, Toth also predicts all is not lost for the Queen of Pop.

‘The powerful Jupiter cycle has ensured a comeback for Madonna, which will continue throughout the coming years. Never content to remain stationery, she will continue to remodel herself and create new personas from time to time. She will take an even more serious approach to money, and investments will be at the forefront of her mind. Romantically she may move into a quiet cycle for two years and focus on consolidating her talents and her resources.’

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