What Message Is The Tarot Sending You?

The Tarot is often perceived as a form of ritual magic through which the seeker is somehow allowed to take a glimpse into their future. However, nothing could be further from the truth; the Tarot should be seen as a tool for divining self-knowledge and a better understanding of the roles we play in our own lives and the lives of those around is. It is also a way to understand that we all possess the tools with which to create our own destinies. However, the messages you receive from the Tarot is almost entirely dependent on the seeker.

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The Tarot works through using two tiers of cards: the Major and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcanum is representative of the energies and themes that govern our lives. The Minor Arcanum allows us to apply these themes to our individual lives, taking into consideration our personalities and our desires. During a reading, a seeker is required to ask a question of the cards, pertaining to a particular aspect of their lives. This question and the circumstances surrounding it should be discussed with the reader, who can use this information to divine just how the messages within the cards are applicable to your situation.

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The message you receive from the cards depends on you and your current state of mind. The Tarot is a way of unlocking the deeper aspects of personalities and psyches and presenting them in a way that they can be understood. The messages do not come out of thin air; they are communications from your subconscious, reflecting just how you feel about certain things. In addition, a reader will be able to see just how you are preventing yourself from achieving your goals and dreams. The more honest you are about the situation and the role you play in it, the greater the likelihood is that you will receive the answer you need. Whatever message you receive, you can be sure that it is entirely personal and specific to you. You can also be sure that you have the tools with which to change any outcome you desire.

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