Understanding The Future

Understanding The Future: A Survivor’s Guide To Riding The Cosmic Wave is a fascinating new book offering an astrologer’s guide to navigating the next few years.

Astrologer, writer and musician Lyn Birbeck believes that the planet is going through tumultuous times and offer advice on how to harness our inner powers in order to protect our well-being.

According to Lyn, the Earth’s current alignment with Uranus and Pluto has set a powerful Planet-Wave in motion, which historically signifies a time of major global events. She advises on how to make ‘course-corrections’ to ensure our futures are more prosperous and to survive any upheavals.

The book is available now from Amazon.

Most professional astrologers do not use horoscopes to predict the future as is commonly thought. Instead, horoscopes are used to predict trends or influences and developments that affect our daily lives. Get your daily or weekly star sign horoscopes free by calling Kooma today.

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