Tarot suits - the Pentacles

The suit of Pentacles is often the one that appeals to seekers on a subconscious level. Associated with the element of Earth, it represents the physical aspects of our existence. Many regard this as the fourth and last suit of the Minor Arcana as, until the elements of the other three suits have been implemented, the final, physical results cannot be made manifest. Without emotion, represented by Cups, thought, represented by Swords and creativity, represented by Wands, nothing we strive for will be achieved on a physical level. However, there is far more to the Pentacles than simple, material gain.

Psychological Aspects

Often known as the suit of Coins, the Pentacles are associated with the physical body and possessions or wealth. In correlation with this, the pictorial representations often show merchants or traders. However, the Tarot isn’t simply a key to winning the lottery. Its meanings embrace many psychological aspects of our lives such as faith, generosity, dedication and determination. It often qualities such as these that can help people to attain physical goals.

As with each aspect of the Minor Arcana, the Pentacles have a ‘reversed’ or negative meaning. These interpretations do not relegate someone to pauper status, rather, they highlight aspects of a personality that present obstacles to dreams such as laziness, selfishness, a propensity for living beyond your means and insincerity.

An Example – The Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles represents someone with integrity. Those who draw this card are people to be depended on and are conscientious and persistent enough to stay the distance and achieve their aims. The horse on which the knight is seated is often interpreted to mean that there will be travel involved, although this could equally represent an emotional or spiritual journey, as much as a physical one.

Reversed, this card can often symbolise someone who is dedicated to material gain at the expense of emotional and spiritual development. The energies that could be used outwardly are turned inwards, so the person may appear self-interested and unable to fully interact with others. Other interpretations suggest that the subject is burned-out or inactive, manifesting as stagnancy, laziness or even being easily discouraged.

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