The Power of Crystals

There are many claims that crystals have supernatural abilities. According to some healers and clairvoyants, they can radiate healing energies or even be used to cleanse a person’s psyche. Crystals have been used for thousands of years in rituals and ceremonies, from the ancient shamans to modern Reike healers. But how can simple lumps of rock – no matter how attractive – generate powers that have apparently beneficial effects? The answer is: they can’t.

What are crystals used for?

Crystals, in themselves, have no inherent power, whatsoever. Certainly, they may vibrate; physics tells us that all matter is merely energy slowed to a very low vibration, but those vibrations are so limited that they can’t possibly have an effect on us. Bear in mind that we’re not talking about radioactive rocks; we’re talking about the common, crystalline rocks that are used on a daily basis by healers and psychic practitioners. So, if they have no innate energies, then why are they used and what are they for?

The confusion lies in the description of their abilities; crystals are a victim of the New Age jargon that is used by many modern practitioners. This jargon often gets in the way of what crystals’ true purpose is and mystifies their role in healing or psychic practices. Although, for our ancestors, crystals may have had an attractive and mystical appearance, we know enough now to be aware that, in essence, crystals are nothing more than solids that form by a regular and repeated pattern of molecules joining together. While this might not sound as arcane or magical, it’s a truer representation of their basic form. So, what do they actually do?

Piezoelectricity and energy

 What we do know about crystals is that they act as storage cells for certain forms of energy. Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials, most notable crystals. Their geometric, regular structure makes them the perfect holding tanks for charges; think about quartz crystals used in watches. When compressed or bent, quartz, along with many other crystals, generates an electric charge. Quartz was deemed perfect for the job of timekeeping, due to its type and frequency; it’s also used to give an accurate frequency for radio receivers, transmitters and computers. We now know that crystals have amplificatory and focussing qualities, which brings us closer to understanding just how they are used by psychics and healers.

Clairvoyants, healers and those with psychic abilities generate energy on a level that is undetectable to most of us. Healers channel these energies into the bodies of their subject to engender a healing environment, psychics extend their energies to tap into the subconscious aspects of their clients and clairvoyants are able to direct their energies to a higher plane to make contact with the residual energies left by the spirits of those who have moved onto the other side. In short, the majority of psychic activity is about the generation, extension or exchange of energy.

 Using different crystals

However, just as we can use magnifying glasses to focus the rays of the sun and maximise their intensity, psychics use crystals to similar effect. It’s all very well being gifted with the ability to generate these energies, but if they are dissolute and unfocussed, they can’t be used to their full potential; crystals are tools through which psychics can focus their energies and ensure that they are used in the best way possible. But, if they are simply conductors of energy, then surely any old lump of crystal will do?

 This is another example of where jargon and fact can become blurred. Jargonists would have is believe that crystals are somehow sympathetic to certain ailments, either on a psychic or physical level. This suggests that crystals are somehow sentient or possessed of an attitude that allows them to work on certain problems. The truth, while, again, it might sound a little less esoteric, is much simpler to grasp. As we have seen, quartz was chosen for a particular purpose because of its abilities to channel energy at a particular frequency. It is the best suited to that job, because the frequency it can transmit at is relevant to its purpose.

 Likewise, other types of crystal, due to their geometric construction and the geological influences that make up that structure, also work at particular frequencies. Wittingly or otherwise, psychics have determined which crystals work with which conditions. In many ways, as well as acting as an amplifier, crystals act as psychic ‘colourants’, changing the frequency of the energy generated by the psychic and distorting it slightly by adding a little of their own qualities to it.

Focusing energy

 For example, amethyst is believed to have some influence over problems of addiction. However, the energy generated by the psychic isn’t specifically attuned to dealing with that problem; only by passing it and focusing it through the appropriate crystal will that energy have any potency. The psychic’s energy passes through the crystal and is focused to the frequency that amethyst uses, as a result of its geometric structure. In addition, any other compounds or naturally occurring residues that are harboured within the crystal’s structure will also have an effect on that energy, making it more pertinent to the job in hand.

 While it might be nice to believe that crystals are possessed of their own powers and abilities, the truth is that they are simple conduits for the energies that psychics generate. However, because of where and how they are formed, they bring other factors into play, such as amplitude, frequency and their own crystalline characteristics, transforming unfocused energy into something much more specific and relevant, which is why different crystals are used for different purposes. For some reason, there are still psychics in operation who like to rely on New Age jargon to communicate the idea that crystals and other materials have some powers of their own. It might be that they believe it themselves or that they think their services are made more attractive if they can claim some implausible links between the two. Although the reality might be lacking in arcane mystery, the truth is often more palatable.


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