Tennis, Twins and Telepathy

In the Psychic World there has always been an obsession with the telepathic connection between twins.

It seems this fascination with the subject has arrived in the tennis world, as twins Bob and Mike Bryan win their doubles match in Wimbledon yesterday.

Many protested and argued that the pair had the unfair advantage of twin-tuition on their side. The pair have won ten grand slams in total, and their identical strokes and lack of outward communication, prompts the idea that the twins are unconsciounsly reading each others minds.

  • Animal Rescue Centre To Hold Spritual Festival

    The Secret World Widlife Rescue Centre will holding a spritual festival in July, with attendance expected to reach the thousands mark. The event aims to raise much needed money for the centres charity work with wildlife orphans and injured animals.

    29 June 2011

  • When Healers Take Priority Over Physicians

    According to an article on, Russia currently has more faith healers then physicians. Only 44% of Russians went to a docter last year, suggesting that many opt to have the healing powers of the 800,000 registered healers in Russia.

    24 June 2011

  • Psychic Twins to Release Book

    Normal 0 We’ve heard about twin sisters who have a special connection, but twin sisters Terry and Linda Jamison claim to be able to predict the future.    In their new book, ‘Psychic Intelligence: Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition’, the sisters discuss different methods they use to make these predictions. Normal 0

    23 June 2011

  • The Lunar Eclipse and You

    Astologers everywhere were thrilled by last nights lunar eclipse as this marks a time of new beginnings for all signs.

    16 June 2011

  • Sheep Saves Shepherd’s Life

    For many an early scan would pick up breast cancer, but for a shepherd in the UK it was one of her sheep that saved her life.

    15 June 2011

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