Tarot Cards - The Pages

Each of the cards of the Tarot is associated with a particular element, which has a strong influence on the significance it imparts to the querent’s particular circumstances. The Pages of the Tarot are all associated with the element of Earth. Earth is seen as being a fertile material, from which new ideas, thoughts and feelings grow. In this respect, Pages are often thought to signify the relevance of children to the querent’s life; perhaps there is a pregnancy on the horizon or existing children will have a part to play in a particular situation.

 However, where there are no children present in the equation, drawing a Page can suggest the dawning of a new perspective or situation in that person’s life. This may take the form of a message or that they encounter something or someone that changes the way they view the world, making them feel energised and excited about future prospects.

 The Pages deal with particular aspects of a person’s psyche. Typically a Page will be concerned with:

 ● Creativity

 ● Devotion

 ● Sensitivity

 ● Inspiration

 ● Perspective

 ● Sensitivity

 ● Contemplation

Those who draw Pages in a reading are often encouraged to think outside the box or in a non-linear fashion. However, not only do these cards hint at a period of transition, but they can also suggest how to move through that period with as little trouble as possible. And because they are concerned with our creativity and our powers of perception, they allow us to register information and opportunities that might otherwise pass us by – as long as we keep our higher selves alert and ready to receive.

 The Page of Wands

 The Page of Wands can signify change in a physical sense as well as psychic one. Often, drawing this card can suggest that the querent may end up travelling. However, typically, it can also suggest changes in passion, religion, temper and career. The aspects that are affected by this card are those that can translate directly into our corporeal lives. It may be that the querent is about to be promoted or gain new understanding into a spiritual belief. Whatever the crux of the matter, the Pages help us to generate an almost childlike enthusiasm for what it is that is about unfold.

However, if drawn in reverse, this card can suggest impatience which can, in turn, lead to poor decisions. If the card is representative of a child, then that child is likely to be considered unruly. A child under the Page of Wands has boundless energy, finds it difficult to sit still and is rarely focussed for long periods of time. However, that child is also naturally charismatic and possessed of an optimistic charm that means they will rarely get into trouble for their actions.

 The Page of Cups

 The Page of Cups signifies the blossoming of a romance or an important issue between family members. This card is the focus of emotions that feel fresh and new, usually associated with the giddiness of developing a crush. However, where the family is concerned, it can mean the building of an emotional bridge between two members who have differences in the past.

 When it comes to representing a child, the Page of Cups describes a child who could be considered to be emotionally immature. They are likely to be children of extremes with no middle ground; when they are happy, they will uncontrollably so and when they are sad, they will appear desolate and inconsolable. On a positive note, this sort of child will be blessed with an extraordinary imagination and lean towards the creative and artistic sides of their nature.

The Page of Swords

 The Page of Swords is often looked upon as a harbinger of doom, thought to bring news of physical illness or tragedy yet to come. However, this is not accurate. The Swords are associated with our powers of intellect and communication. In drawing the card, the querent should consider some recent words that they have either spoken or have reached their ears. These words may be the beginnings of gossip. If they were spoken by the querent, he or she should consider their possible consequences and retract them or, if they are the recipient of groundless gossip, decide what the best course of action to take is.

 A child influenced by this card will have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and, as a result, might be considered to be demanding. However, this child is also likely to be able to process new information very quickly, hinting at a successful future.

The Page of Pentacles

The Pentacles are usually associated with material wealth or gain – and the Page is no exception. However, drawing this card can also point at the querent’s health; it is steadily growing and particularly vital at this time. In terms of money, the Page of Pentacles suggest that a previous financial decision is coming to fruition or that there is about to be an unexpected windfall.

 A child represented by this card is likely to show an interest in building things. They are likely to be the child who wants to learn how to use a hammer, builds impressive structures from bricks or shows an interest in practical tasks such as cooking, cleaning and gardening. This child has adult-like tendencies and is likely to be hard working, industrious and have well-structured financial accounts later in life.

 There are certain symbols that recur on Pages cards, each conveying a deeper part of the overall meaning of each one:

 ● Birds: these symbolise the presence of higher thoughts and ideals. Associated with the element of the Air, they hint that, if we fully embrace the message hidden in the cards, we can attain a higher level of psychic awareness.

 ● Clouds symbolise a moment of revelation or epiphany, as though the mists that divide our subconscious and conscious minds are briefly parted.

 ● Earth. This element roots us and allows us to spread the wisdom we have learned along life’s journey. It is also the fundament on which we build our beliefs and from which we grow new ideas and aspirations.


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