• What is a Totem Animal?

    Animals have been revered in most cultures, usually as symbols of wisdom.

    26 June 2014

  • What is Tantric Yoga?

    Tantric Yoga is much more than a set of stretches and deep breathing.

    17 June 2014

  • Can Physical Fitness Improve your Spiritual Health?

    There has been plenty written about the link between your physical fitness and your emotional well-being.

    9 June 2014

  • In an age of science, is there still a place for astrology?

    The 21st Century could be seen as an impersonal place.

    17 March 2014

  • Cleansing your home of Negative Spiritual Energy

    As well as picking up dust, stains, chips and dings, it will also absorb the energies that are put into it

    7 February 2014

  • How to make spirituality part of your everyday life

    Spirituality doesn’t have to mean throwing yourself on your knees every Sunday.

    23 December 2013

  • How to find your perfect online reader

    With so many websites claiming to have the best psychics, finding the one that’s right for you can be a real problem.

    4 September 2013

  • Is it right to adopt the beliefs of another culture as your own?

    There are few religions that can claim to be truly undiluted, as most religions have adopted or borrowed aspects of others

    29 August 2013

  • Is It Right To Adopt The Spiritual Practices Of Other Cultures?

    In the 21st Century, religions and belief systems tens to be distinguished by what they don’t have in common

    29 May 2013

  • Earth Magick - What Is It?

    Earth Magick is a belief system that focuses on our relationship with the planet and everything that exists upon it

    15 April 2013

  • Is There A Place In Life For The Divine Spirit?

    There can be little doubt that the physical world demands the majority of our attention, whether we like it or not.

    12 April 2013

  • Is The 'Evil Eye' Real?

    The Evil Eye is one of the most powerful symbols in mankind’s history, having wormed its way through various religions and belief systems. It is still very much feared today in certain parts of the world, perceived as a harbinger of doom or portent of ill fortune. Given that the Evil Eye has proven its resilience over hundreds, if not thousands, of years, is there any substance to the belief that it can actually cause harm?

    28 March 2013

  • Does ESP Really Exist?

    Over recent years, parapsychology has gained a lot of respect,

    22 March 2013

  • Crossing Over - How Mediums Can Help Restless Spirits To Move On

    There are many reports of hauntings, poltergeists and other examples of restless spirits.

    15 March 2013

  • The Modern Image Of Clairvoyance

    The traditional view of clairvoyance is usually one of a gypsy woman, bedecked with gold, sitting in a darkened tent and gazing into a crystal ball.

    15 March 2013

  • Celebrating Your Northern Ancestry - The Legends Of The Vikings

    Whether you are from the UK or America, the chances are that you will have some Viking blood running through your veins.

    4 March 2013

  • The Celtic Runes - The Power Of The Ogham

    The Ogham is a form of alphabet, used from the 4th Century and mainly by Irish Bards.

    1 March 2013

  • What Is Odinism?

    Odinism is believed to be the oldest European religion in existence.

    28 February 2013

  • How To Make A Shrine At Home

    Many people have shrines in their homes, either as an area of worship to a particular deity or as way to focus their thoughts on more spiritual considerations

    8 February 2013

  • Is Magic Real?

    Magic has been at the centre of many cultures, almost since man learned how to talk. Shamans, priests and wise-men have used magic to achieve status within communities and to serve the people around them. Religions and belief systems have built up around magic, using ceremonies and rituals to cast spells, summon deities and to affect changes on people and the environment. Magic is still an essential part of many modern religions and belief systems such as Wiccans and Druids, who practice ‘natural magic’ to help them achieve their personal and spiritual goals. However the question that remains unanswered is: is magic real?

    25 January 2013

  • How To Spiritually 'Spring Clean' Your Home

    A spring clean leaves your home looking new and tidy and ready for the summer.

    30 November 2012

  • Is Paganism Making A Comeback?

    The word ‘pagan’ tends to evoke thoughts of witchcraft and spell-casting.

    16 November 2012

  • What Is Buddhism?

    Many argue that Buddhism is a philosophy rather than a religion.

    14 November 2012

  • Do You Have a Gift For Spiritual Healing?

    Contrary to popular belief, Spiritual Healers do not have the ability to heal other people.

    7 November 2012

  • Connecting with the Afterlife – Should You Talk to the Dead?

    There comes a point in many people’s lives when they think about a deceased friend or relative.

    19 October 2012

  • Meditation – The Pathway to Enlightenment?

    Meditation is a conscious effort to change the way the mind works. It is most famously used by the Buddhist religion as a method to increasing self-awareness and helping us on our journey to enlightenment.

    5 October 2012

  • The etiquette of communicating with the other side

    If you are considering inviting a medium into your home to contact someone who has passed into the spirit realm, you may be unsure as to what the correct etiquette is.

    22 August 2012

  • What is cold reading?

    The world of psychics is a nebulous one.

    17 August 2012

  • How do you tell if your medium is for real?

    Because of its nebulous nature, the world of mediums is one that leaves itself wide open to exploitation. Frauds are common both in real life and on the Internet.

    13 December 2011

  • How can a spirit coach help you develop your psychic abilities?

    It has been said that the greatest journey we can ever take is the one inside ourselves.

    29 September 2011

  • Psychic Protection

    Those who have tuned into their higher selves will not only experience a greater understanding about their own feelings, thoughts and desires, but will also become much more receptive to those of other people.

    16 September 2011

  • Synergy – Tuning into your Psychic Potential

    In developing your self-awareness and building stronger bonds with your higher self, you are also increasing your psychic potential

    13 September 2011

  • Couple Run Alpaca Farm Using Spiritualism

    Normal 0 When Steve and Irene Cole retired, they decided to set up an alpaca farm which embraces a new lifestyle of spiritualism and self-sufficiency.

    15 July 2011

  • Spiritualism In The Corporate World

    In the western business world, depending on the company, personal religious or faith beliefs are usually coversations kept out of the boardroom. However an article on Silcon India shows a different side to the mental approach of working in business.

    8 July 2011

  • Animal Rescue Centre To Hold Spritual Festival

    The Secret World Widlife Rescue Centre will holding a spritual festival in July, with attendance expected to reach the thousands mark. The event aims to raise much needed money for the centres charity work with wildlife orphans and injured animals.

    29 June 2011

  • The Zodiac's Guide to Holiday Destinations

    If you're struggling to find a location for your next holiday, then cheapflights.co.uk might just have the answer for you. The website has provided a spiritual guide using the different star signs to help guide users to their perfect holiday destination. Check out their tips below:

    9 June 2011

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