• How Mars Can Influence Your Star Sign

    Mars, the Red Planet, has strong associations with war, aggression and a belligerent nature.

    15 August 2014

  • What is Deja vu?

    Had the experience of going somewhere you've never been to before, yet feeling that you have?

    11 June 2014

  • How did mediums help the war effort?

    There have been instances in which governments have researched the potential for psychics

    22 May 2014

  • In an age of science, is there still a place for astrology?

    The 21st Century could be seen as an impersonal place.

    17 March 2014

  • One for Sorrow, Two for Joy - Magpies in Myth and Legend

    In the UK, we are still very superstitious when it comes to ‘Mister Magpie’.

    13 February 2014

  • How psychic development can help your career

    Chances are that, on a daily business, you will have to make career decisions

    8 November 2013

  • Can an online psychic reading help us make the big decisions in life?

    There are innumerable reasons why people seek out the services of an online psychic.

    4 October 2013

  • What happens during an online clairvoyant reading?

    Clairvoyants are enjoying something of a renaissance – partly because they are now much easier to find.

    2 October 2013

  • Can a love Tarot card reading predict true love?

    Love and relationships are the most popular reasons for seeking the services of a Tarot reader.

    18 September 2013

  • Are online psychic tests accurate?

    Believe it or not, people search the Internet on a daily basis, looking for psychic tests to let them know whether or not they’ve got psychic powers

    10 September 2013

  • How to find your perfect online reader

    With so many websites claiming to have the best psychics, finding the one that’s right for you can be a real problem.

    4 September 2013

  • How seriously should you take a psychic warning?

    Psychics are people with gifts that seem to supersede the senses.

    31 August 2013

  • Tarot Card readings - how to ask the 'right' questions.

    A good Tarot reading relies heavily on the right sort of question being asked.

    21 August 2013

  • How to find a good online psychic.

    There are so many psychics online that it can be a daunting task to try and find the right one for you.

    16 August 2013

  • How accurate are Tarot card readings?

    Think of a Tarot reader and you’ll probably envisage a gypsy woman in a candlelit tent

    24 July 2013

  • Was Nostradamus Really a Psychic?

    The name Nostradamus is synonymous with prediction and foresight.

    5 July 2013

  • Pluto - Astrological Influence, Or Just A Big Rock?

    We’re constantly told that astrology is about the influence the planets have on our lives here on Earth.

    2 July 2013

  • Is There Really Such A Thing As 'Fate'?

    The concept of fate is something that we form an opinion on at a very young age.

    28 June 2013

  • Is Astrology Compatible With Judaism?

    Many Christians are aware that the Bible takes a fairly uncompromising stance against astrology.

    5 June 2013

  • Intuition - Survival Instinct Or Sixth Sense?

    We’ve all had the experience of being faced with having to make a decision with insufficient information on which to make it.

    3 June 2013

  • Why Are We Obsessed With The Apocalypse?

    There have been films written about it, predictions made about it and people around the world have been preparing for it

    20 May 2013

  • Gypsy Fortune Telling - Using Playing Cards To Tell Your Fortune

    The traditional image of gypsies involves a head scarf-wearing woman in a darkened tent with a deck of Tarot cards

    25 April 2013

  • Why Do Celebrities Love Psychics?

    Barely a day goes by without some exposé in the press about some celebrity or other being outed as consulting a psychic.

    22 April 2013

  • Using Astrology To Chart Your Career

    Changing your job or making a career move is often a big decision, even more so in the current economic climate.

    20 March 2013

  • Remote Clairvoyant Readings - How Accurate Are They?

    Clairvoyance or ‘clear seeing’ is the ability to perceive things that are usually beyond the field of human perception.

    8 March 2013

  • Tarot Cards - Justice

    The Justice card depicts a noble figure seated upon a throne, holding an upright sword in one hand and a pair of balancing scales in the other.

    14 December 2012

  • Tarot Cards - The Pages

    Each of the cards of the Tarot is associated with a particular element, which has a strong influence on the significance it imparts to the querent’s particular circumstances.

    13 December 2012

  • Indian Astrology – is it relevant to western culture?

    Indian astrology is undergoing something of a renaissance in the West, with more and more Western astrologers converting to the ancient, Vedic systems of prediction.

    7 September 2012

  • How To Train Your Clairvoyant Skills

    Many people believe that we are all born with psychic abilities. However, due to the stresses and strains of daily life, we forget how to use

    11 April 2012

  • The Historical Role Of Mediums In Communities

    The history of mediumship stretches back to the Ancient Greek and Egyptian societies.

    4 April 2012

  • Rune Meanings – Uruz

    The Nordic Runes, particularly those of the Elder Futhark, have been used for centuries as a tool for self-knowledge and divination.

    3 April 2012

  • Enhance Your Telepathic Abilities

    Most people have had the experience of seeming to ‘know’ what someone is going to say before they say it.

    26 March 2012

  • Tarot suits - the Pentacles

    The suit of Pentacles is often the one that appeals to seekers on a subconscious level.

    7 December 2011

  • Tarot suits - the Cups

    The suit of Cups is one of the four suits that make up the Minor Arcana of the Tarot Cards.

    4 December 2011

  • Psychic Twins to Release Book

    Normal 0 We’ve heard about twin sisters who have a special connection, but twin sisters Terry and Linda Jamison claim to be able to predict the future.    In their new book, ‘Psychic Intelligence: Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition’, the sisters discuss different methods they use to make these predictions. Normal 0

    23 June 2011

  • Cosmo: The Psychic Parrot

    Cosmo, an Amazon Parrot at the Vancouver Aquarium, is the next animal in a long line whose owners claim has psychic abilities.

    7 June 2011

  • Hair extensions, fake tan and psychic readings!

    Katie Price may be famous for her crazy antics and turbulent love life, but she’s recently revealed that psychic Sally Morgan has helped her discover a little bit of inner peace. Sally visited Katie to give her a reading, during which she predicted that Katie would meet the man of her dreams - shortly after, Katie got together with toy boy Leandro Penna.

    25 May 2011

  • The jury's in on Heidi!

    After telling you all about Heidi, the Oscar-predicting opossum, we thought we ought to give an update. After being invited onto American television to select the future winners of this year's Academy Awards, Heidi opted to make her predictions by choosing grapes which were put on top of photos of the nominees.

    2 March 2011

  • The Oscars opossum oracle

    Ever since Paul the Octopus went to the great ocean in the sky, the fight has for the top spot of the psychic animal world has been well and truly on. Currently sitting pretty in pole position is Heidi, the alarming-looking cross-eyed opossum who has cemented her supremacy by bagging a job Stateside.

    18 February 2011

  • Romanian witches under pressure

    Romania may be the land of superstition and vampire lore, but its modern-day witches and psychics are feeling the heat. That’s because a new law is about to be introduced that would penalise anyone who makes a prediction that turns out to be incorrect. And the authorities are set to impose fines, or even jail sentences, for this alleged ‘crime’.

    14 February 2011

  • New year, new Obama baby?

    Amidst the wave of New Year predictions comes a leading psychic's assertions that 2011 will see some new arrivals in the White House. Well-known Canadian fortune-teller, Nikki, recently revealed that she saw the Obamas adding to their family this year with one, or more likely two, new siblings for daughters Sasha and Malia.

    4 January 2011

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