• What is Tantric Yoga?

    Tantric Yoga is much more than a set of stretches and deep breathing.

    17 June 2014

  • Can music help meditation?

    Most people like music and it can affect them on many different levels.

    13 June 2014

  • Can Physical Fitness Improve your Spiritual Health?

    There has been plenty written about the link between your physical fitness and your emotional well-being.

    9 June 2014

  • The Power of Crystals

    There are many claims that crystals have supernatural abilities.

    2 June 2014

  • Does Music Resonate with our Spiritual Nature?

    Most of us have had the experience of listening to a piece of music and finding that it triggers an emotional response.

    19 May 2014

  • Cleansing your home of Negative Spiritual Energy

    As well as picking up dust, stains, chips and dings, it will also absorb the energies that are put into it

    7 February 2014

  • Conscious Walking - meditation on the move

    When most of us think of meditation, we think of expanding the consciousness.

    31 January 2014

  • Psychic Gardening - Getting Back to Nature

    Wise men, artists, elders and spiritual leaders have harvested insights into the way people, the world and life operate

    24 January 2014

  • Spotting and avoiding Psychic Vampires

    Hear the word ‘vampire’ and you’ll probably get an image of a young Christopher Lee cackling away through a mouthful of oversized dentures

    24 October 2013

  • Shining a psychic light on your life - how to embrace positivity

    Have you ever noticed that when you have one negative thought, others are very quick to follow?

    9 October 2013

  • What is 'The Psychic Light'?

    Psychic light is most commonly referred to in visualisation, healing and protective purposes.

    26 July 2013

  • How To Meditate - 10 Top Tips

    Meditation can be a twofold experience. It can be used to combat stress, promote health, for pain management, to help you sleep better and to generally enhance your mood.

    7 June 2013

  • Can Improving Your Psychic Powers Keep You Looking Younger?

    Have you ever noticed how people with psychic abilities often appear incredibly well preserved?

    24 May 2013

  • Are Pets Good For Our Psychic Health?

    There has been plenty of information written about the benefits of pets to our physical health

    15 May 2013

  • The Psychic Gardener - How To Tune Into The Seasons

    There are few things in life as sitting in a well-tended garden.

    18 April 2013

  • Is There A Place In Life For The Divine Spirit?

    There can be little doubt that the physical world demands the majority of our attention, whether we like it or not.

    12 April 2013

  • Can You See Auras?

    It is believed by parapsychologists that all living beings, including plants and animals, emit an energy field around themselves.

    1 February 2013

  • Understanding The Chakras

    The word ‘Chakra’ is used a lot these days, but many who use it have little or no understanding as to just what they are talking about. Chakras are often assumed to be the key to health, self-understanding, self-improvement and spiritual growth. However, the Chakras are not all you need to engender these developments; what is required is an understanding of what they are and the role they play in channelling the right sorts of energy.

    21 January 2013

  • Meditation – The Pathway to Enlightenment?

    Meditation is a conscious effort to change the way the mind works. It is most famously used by the Buddhist religion as a method to increasing self-awareness and helping us on our journey to enlightenment.

    5 October 2012

  • Psychic Protection In Daily Life

    To say we need psychic protection seems to suggest that there are malign forces at work, looking to rob us of our energy or to launch psychic attacks at us.

    29 June 2012

  • Can Exercise Boost Your Psychic Ability?

    The idea that our subconscious selves and our conscious selves are two separate entities is a misleading one.

    4 March 2012

  • The power of prayer

    Prayer is an important part of many religions and certain schools of thought.

    1 December 2011

  • Sheep Saves Shepherd’s Life

    For many an early scan would pick up breast cancer, but for a shepherd in the UK it was one of her sheep that saved her life.

    15 June 2011

  • Are Our Star Signs Linked to Health Issues?

    A new research study has linked the twelve signs of the Zodiac to possible health problems that may occur in our lifetimes.

    10 June 2011

  • Want to live longer? Start hanging out with your colleagues!

    Forget getting chummy with your boss, a new study has shown that getting along with your workmates could help you live longer.   A new study by lead researcher Dr Arie Shirom from the Tel Aviv University has shown that people with good social relationships with their peers at work had a lower risk of morality, whereas a positive relationship with your boss or senior authority had no effect at all.

    20 May 2011

  • Tarot Reader Thanks Spirit World For Life-Saving Diagnosis

    A tarot card reader has thanked messages from beyond the grave for a life-saving breast cancer diagnosis. Margaret Solis from Glasgow, who had recently lost two siblings to cancer, received signs from her brother to go to the mammogram she had been avoiding.

    10 May 2011

  • Meditation Not Medication For Pain Relief

    Forget popping pills for aches and pains – recent research has suggested that meditation is an effective method of pain relief without the possible side-effects of medication. Dr Fadel Zeidan, lead author at Wake Forest Baptist Church in North Carolina, has championed research of the idea. According to his studies, meditating targets the part of the brain that is experiencing the pain as well as stimulating the coping areas, which can half the immediate pain being felt and reduce it longer term.

    19 April 2011

  • Yoga helping kids at school

    Yoga is sweeping across the UK for primary school children as a way to improve their concentration and achievement. Children as young as four are being taught ancient breathing and stretching techniques as the approach is being trialled amongst ten infant and junior schools in Essex.

    18 April 2011

  • Music makes it better

    Most of us recognise that music affects our mood – but did you know it can boost our health too? In fact, new research reveals that listening to music can ease pain and even help our bodies recover faster.

    3 March 2011

  • Doctors see double!

    Further proof, if it were needed, that twins share a psychic connection comes this week from two identical siblings from Hull.

    25 February 2011

  • Love is the drug

    Doctors recently confirmed something we’d suspected all along – love is good for us! Coming just in time for the romance-fest that is Valentine’s Day, findings reported in the British Medical Journal revealed a loving relationship can actually help you live longer. In fact, according to researchers from Cardiff University, people in a happy, long-term relationship reduce their risk of an early death by 15 percent.

    11 February 2011

  • Psychic Twins predict Obama's downfall

    We may be a few weeks in 2011 but predictions for what the year may bring keep coming. The Psychic Twins, aka identical siblings Terry and Linda Jamison, have predicted that Barack Obama will only serve one term as president and will not be voted in again at the next US election. The twins, who have previously predicted events such as the September 11th attacks and the recent earthquake in Pakistan, also foresee the rise of women in politics and business, including continued popularity for Republican Sarah Palin.

    21 January 2011

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