Sweet dreams

I’ve always suffered badly from jetlag. Long haul flights can mean my body takes more than a week to get back to normal. I find myself desperate to nap in the afternoon but come night-time spend hours staring at the alarm clock and praying my body will be tired enough to sleep soon.

It doesn’t help that my boyfriend isn’t affected by jet lag at all and is out like a light the minute his head hits the pillow. Lying there listening to him snoozing contentedly only seems to make my insomnia worse and I end up stressing about everything from that day’s events to what I’m going to buy for everyone next Christmas! My brain seems to go at 100 miles an hour.

Coming back from my latest holiday was no different. The first night back I found myself lying wide awake at 3am trying to name every book I own in a bid to bore myself to sleep. But even that didn’t work.

Then I remembered a tip a friend had given me several months ago. I thought it was so easy it could never work, but desperate times call for a bit of belief, so I gave it a go...

I imagined my feet were getting really heavy and any tension that had built up in them was melting away. I envisaged them being made of lead and being totally unable to move. Then I slowly moved the sensation up my body, going through the same process with my legs, my torso, my arms and so on...

Could the secret of sleep really be that simple? Well, I never even made it to my calves, before I was away with the fairies and woke several hours later feeling refreshed.

Sometimes it’s easy to expect things to be a struggle when, in fact, the answer to problems can require very little effort.

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