Summer Solstice

Yesterday, 21st June marked the Summer Solstice, the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere.

Our ancient ancestors viewed this moment when the Sun having crept along the horizon for the past six months, turns round, as the most auspicious time of the year - a time of tremendous hope and inspiration.

Some still celebrate and yesterday at Stonehenge, a record crowd of about 36,500 revellers welcomed the dawn. Roads around the ancient site were gridlocked, druid ceremonies took place and there was music and Morris dancing – despite overcast skies obscuring the sunrise.

Peter Carson, head of Stonehenge, said: ‘We were expecting it to be busy this year, but we had ensured that it has been a peaceful and enjoyable solstice.’

But what does it mean for us? Well, respected astrologer Jonathan Cainer, who was at Stonehenge says: ‘I spoke to some of my fellow astrologers who felt a brighter sky was, in itself, auspicious. Add this to the conjunction of Venus and Mars, the triple alignment of Jupiter Neptune and Chiron plus a New Moon... and it's clear there's plenty for us to look forward to.’ Woohoo!

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