Should you let the Tarot Dictate your Relationship Choices?

Tarot cards are often used to offer help with relationship problems and, because of the strong emotions and psychic energies associated with them, they can be very useful. However, there is always a danger that a seeker can become too reliant on the deck, which ultimately defeats the purpose.

The Most Important Relationship You’ll Ever Have 

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one you have with yourself. This relationship will affect all the others that you encounter in your lifetime and it is here that Tarot cards can be especially useful. If you are able to gain a greater understanding of yourself in every aspect, the more likely to are to be able to spot where things go wrong for you. The Tarot is a way of getting in tune with your higher self and being able to develop aspects of yourself that need strengthening.

Each card that you are presented with during a reading is symbolic of your current psychic state. However, the cards are also able to help you identify where any negative energies have come from. Inverted cards often point to some past event or experience that has not yet been fully resolved and may be hampering your psychic growth. If you are truly interested in what the Tarot has to say, you must also be prepared to admit your weaknesses and put in the work to rectify them.

Other Relationships

In asking the Tarot about the nature of other relationships, we must be careful. The Tarot is not a computer; it cannot predict an outcome. The best approach is to assume a degree of responsibility within the relationship and ask the cards how you can help find a resolution to the problem in hand. By admitting you have a role to play in the success or failure of a relationship, you are already looking within yourself on both a conscious and subconscious level. 

The Tarot cannot and will not dictate who you have relationships with and how you conduct them. What it will do is help you understand just how you feel about those relationships and open your eyes to the true thoughts that you may have been avoiding.  Take readings with an open mind and you will receive guidance, not orders.


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