Rune meanings – þurisaz


Þurisaz is one of the ancient Nordic runes of the Elder Futhark. Runes, much like Tarot cards, have been used for centuries as a tool for divination and expanding our self-awareness. They are not a short-cut to the future; rather, they are a tool through which we can gain greater understanding of all the aspects of our being and, with this knowledge, help us to shape the destiny we deserve.

The Giants

Þurisaz is derived from the Norse word for ‘giant’. The race of Giants featured heavily in Norse mythology; primarily they were destructive beings, seemingly bent on the downfall of all things man-made. It is little surprise then that þurisaz is seen as one of the ‘obstacle’ runes. A seeker drawing this rune will be presented with an obstacle to their desire. However, the Giants, although destructive, always brought about change and paved the way for a new age. Þurisaz reminds us that obstacles are not necessarily destructive things; they can be forces for change and through change, we can learn a lot about ourselves.

Suffering And Wisdom

Each rune carries an associated lesson. The lesson associated with þurisaz is that, in order to learn, you must suffer. However, while this can mean that you will have a burden to bear before you understand why, the word ‘suffer’ can also be interpreted to mean ‘allow’; in some readings, þurisaz reminds us that we should allow events to unfold as they should and to experience all that is revealed to us.

In learning the lessons of the Futhark, this rune highlights the specific aspects of our characters that we must draw on in order to move forward. In order to overcome the obstacles that þurisaz warns of, we must rely on self-discipline, knowledge and self-analysis. Study and meditation are also thought to be helpful when you have drawn this rune in a reading.

Life is littered with obstacles and painful events. Þurisaz shows us that, in order to strengthen ourselves, we must embrace and learn from the m. Only by doing so will we be able to ensure that similar obstacles in the future can be overcome as quickly as possible.

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