Psychic warning for shamed snooker champ

While snooker star John Higgins has been suspended from the game after finding himself on the wrong end of a newspaper exposé, a psychic pal of his claims he gave Higgins plenty of warning.

The player’s friend John Stewart claims to have received a ‘psychic vibe’ late last year that the snooker champ would be somehow caught out on film. And although he couldn’t see exactly how that would come to light, he passed the warning on.

Says Stewart, ‘I got a feeling something was in the pipeline involving a wind-up on TV. Obviously, the message I was getting referred to this sting operation by the journalists, which dragged him into all this mess.’

And apparently, it’s not the first time that the clairvoyant has offered Higgins some psychic guidance.

Stewart claims to have correctly predicted his friend’s 2007 World Championship win. ‘He was sceptical but he soon started asking me if I could see anything for him. It doesn't work like that but I did give him some information from my vibes a few times.’

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