Psychic Reality Show

World-famous psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker and his psychic family are set to become Britain’s latest reality television stars. Our Psychic Family is a brand new series following the day-to-day lives of the Hamilton-Parkers in an Osbourne-style reality TV show.

Hamilton-Parker and his wife Jane are no novices to TV: you may remember them from their appearances on The Big Breakfast where they accurately predicted the news headlines. Most recently, their appearance on Big Brothe’rs Big Mouth saw them contacting the late Princess Diana which drew in an audience of 30 million worldwide. 

Currently filming their second series, the Hamilton-Parkers feel they have done their bit at trying to convince sceptics. ‘Some people won’t shift,’ says Craig. ‘They have closed minds. We are not trying to prove what we do anymore, we’ve done our share of that.  Now it’s time to show us as we are and let people make up their own minds.’

Our Psychic Family begins on 20th November on The Biography Channel (Sky Channel 156 & Virgin Channel 242)

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