Psychic Readings – What is Psychometry?

Made popular by TV shows and films, psychometry is the psychic ability to handle objects and gain information about that object’s history or the events or emotions of people connected with that object. But how does this psychic reading gift work?

Magnetic Fields And Psychic Signatures

As living beings, our bodies generate magnetic fields. These fields contain information about us, such as our physical and mental health or even strong emotions. When we handle objects, we leave a part of that field behind us; it is transferred from our magnetic auras to the aura of the object in question. In effect, we are leaving a psychic snapshot of a moment in time. It may not give the full picture or be as reliable as DNA but, for anyone with psychic abilities, it may as well be a fingerprint.

These psychic signatures can be picked up by a person with a strongly-attuned subconscious. They are then translated into images, feelings or sounds and presented to the psychic’s conscious mind, allowing them to piece together a picture of the person who handled the object. Of course, it may be that many people have handled the item, in which case there will be a lot of conflicting information to process. However, the last person to have touched the object will leave behind the strongest magnetic imprint, making it easier to discern.

Test Yourself

To test whether you have any psychometric abilities, ask a friend for an object that is dear to them and which they handle all the time. Ask your friend to remain present while you relax and enter a meditative state. When you feel you are truly relaxed and the channels to your subconscious are well and truly open, ask your friend to place that object in your hand. After a moment, you may find images or feelings flashing through your mind. Rather than trying to make sense of them, simply say them out loud and, at the end of your session, ask whether any of the things you said made sense to them. Be prepared to make mistakes in the early stages but, the more you practice, the greater your success-rate is likely to be.


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