Psychic Pets

Have you ever wondered whether animals have the capacity for psychic powers? It’s been the question on everyone’s lips after the amazing story of Sam the dachshund was revealed recently.

When Sam's owner passed away, the plucky pet made his way past an electrified security system, navigated some extremely busy roads and turned up to his owner'suneral minutes before it was due to start – at a church he' never visited in his life.

Watch the news report here to decide for yourself: was coincidence or something deeper at work here?

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  • Funny Thoughts Can Reduce Stress

    It may be a cliché, but it seems that laughter really is the best medicine – and what’s more, just thinking about laughing is enough!

    9 April 2008

  • Sensuality By Sign

    Is your partner an Aries? Try playing with their hair next time you’re getting up close and personal. Or if they’re a Gemini, stroking their fingers is a sure-fire way to get them in the mood. And what about Leos? Well there’s nothing they like better than a back massage.

    9 April 2008

  • Scientists Champion Meditation

    It's been practised by people all over the world throughout the ages, and now scientists are beginning to uncover evidence that meditation has a measurable effect on the brain.

    4 April 2008

  • Do Children = Happiness?

    Every parent knows that having children can add a few stresses and strains to life, but according to a new book by a leading American academic, parents are much more likely to be happy overall than non-parents.

    2 April 2008

  • Brain Training To Reduce Stress

    It almost sounds too good to be true, but a group of scientists claim to have developed a game that can help reduce stress levels in just five minutes a day.

    28 March 2008

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