Nightmares - What Are They Telling You?



We all dream, whether we remember those dreams when we wake or not. Particularly lucid dreams can have an important message to send us, giving us indicators of our path in life, and clues as to how we should react to situations that may be troubling us during our waking hours. But some of the most lucid dreams are not the pleasant, gentle dreams we read about in the countless interpretation books and online resources, but the terrifying world of nightmares, where our darkest fears become manifest. So what are nightmares telling us? Are they warnings of an impending doom or in fact helpful insights into our personalities and even valuable spiritual aids?

While nightmares can be deeply distressing, they do convey important information that we would be wise to take note of. Discounting simple 'phobia' dreams and the possible physiological effects that can cause nightmares for a moment, these darker dreams can tell us of aspects of our personality that may be holding us back in real life.

Unresolved issues

Nightmares are often expressions of unresolved issues or unhappiness in our lives. The loss of a loved one can trigger dreams in which we chastise ourselves for all the things we think we should have said or done, that we believe might have changed the outcome. Unresolved childhood memories may suddenly reappear years later, unlocking a Pandora's Box of feelings and emotions.

What dark dreams do is bring these issues to the surface and force us to confront them. Rather than discounting them once we're awake and the light of day has chased the shadows away, we need to analyse what messages the dream is sending us, and how those issues can be finally laid to rest.

Repetitive nightmares with the same theme can be a warning that if we don't confront our problems, they could hold us back from moving forward both on this plain and in the spiritual realm. The best way to understand the messages these dreams are sending is to keep a dream diary. Look for patterns and try to uncover the conflict they refer to and remember that, while they might be frightening, nightmares are an important aspect of the healing process that can help us to move forward.

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