Natasha Richardson – was it in the stars?

This week, we said a very sad farewell to actress Natasha Richardson, who died after a skiing accident.
(Seen here in one of latest films: The White Countess) has investigated her horoscope to see whether her accident could have been foreseen. And apparently, any beginner astrologer could have predicted it was a dangerous time for her.
Natasha Richardson was a Taurus, born on 11th May, 1963 but – and here’s the science: ‘because her Moon was at 22 degrees and 46 minutes Sagittarius, and at the time of the accident Uranus, the planet of accidents, was at 22 degrees and 53 minutes Pisces, while travelling through her Sixth House of health.’
What this translates as is that Uranus was making a 90-degree aspect to her Moon, a classic sign of accident.
What’s more, ‘in Indian astrology she was also going through an extremely dangerous phase, lasting from February 2007 through to February 2014, when one could certainly say that her life was in danger.’
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