Music makes it better

Most of us recognise that music affects our mood – but did you know it can boost our health too?

In fact, new research reveals that listening to music can ease pain and even help our bodies recover faster.

In a recent series of tests, scientists installed harpists in hospitals to play to patients undergoing major medical procedures, and found that as well as lowering the patients’ blood pressure, the music also soothed their pain. In fact, patients reported an amazing 21 per cent cut in chronic pain after listening to music for just one hour a day for a week.

Reasearcher Laura Mitchell says, “Studies have shown music can reduce pain at least as much as pharmacological interventions. Hospitals are already starting to offer patients music during MRI scans or short-term painful procedures such as changing dressings on burns.”

Further studies have also discovered that listening to, or singing along to music every day improves stroke recovery rates, reduces epilepsy and boosts mental health and wellbeing by releasing dopamine, our bodies’ ‘feelgood’ chemical.

So next time you’re about to pop a pill, why not pop on a CD instead?

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