Money, money, money: The third and final part!

I’m stopping my credit crunch blogging after this entry (honest!) as quite frankly it’s getting out of control. But I’m still keen to put a positive spin on the horror of the current financial climate.

The latest thing I’ve realised that the credit crunch has done for me is to teach me that when it comes to great friends, you could be in a dingy café in the middle of nowhere and still have a great time.

A year ago going for dinner or drinks a few times a week didn’t seem like a big deal, until I counted up how much I was spending a month just popping for a meal with mates and I nearly keeled over in shock.

Now I have my newfound cooking skills (see credit crunch blog 1!) I’ve been putting them to use by inviting friends round to my place and whipping up all sorts of delights (OK, they’re not always delightful).

I have to say that not only does having mini-dinner parties save money but it’s also so nice getting to spend proper time with my mates without the distractions of loads of other people or dodgy music.

When I have been going out and meeting up with people, we’ve been going to great, cheap places I’ve searched out on the internet. And while it may not be Gordon Ramsay standard food, the company is the thing that’s really important. A good chat with a friend costs nothing and can make you feel a million times better than going on a spending spree or buying a round of drinks that could feed a family of four for a week.

Even though in an ideal world everyone’s financial worries would end tomorrow, if there’s one positive thing they’re doing it’s making people realise what’s really important, and bringing them closer together.

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