Michael Jackson RIP

As the world continues to mourn the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, astrologers have looked to the stars for answers as to his untimely death.

The brilliant examiner.com has an indepth astrological analysis – apparently, ‘planetary events were almost textbook’.

Apparently, it was the Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron conjunction in Aquarius that sounded the death-knell not only for Michael but for the spate of recent celebrity deaths.

It’s quite complex, but this is the word in the stars: ‘At the time of his death at 7:26 pm EST, the Moon just passed over the Gate of Uranus onto his Venus which rules the 12th house (the area of our chart where we pierce the veil). Sweet Venus in Leo opened the veil while Mars and Venus stood guard at his Gatekeeper’s Mars in the 12th House. Saturn in a supportive trine to Mars and last but not least Pluto in a trine to Pluto in the 4th house of endings.’

The long and the short of it is that MJ left earth in Leo royal star – much how he lived and was thought of. RIP.

For the indepth story, please click here.


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