Mediums – How To Tell The Real From The Fake


While mediums continue to do flourish, even in the depths of a global economic downturn, there are no recognised governing bodies through which you can check their authenticity. How then are potential clients to know whether the medium they are seeing is genuine or a fraud?

Because of its nebulous nature, mediumship is open to abuse through fraudsters and charlatans. However, the truth of the matter is that most of these con-merchants have never been near a spirit in their lives, nor have they had much contact with genuine mediums. It is these two factors that will ultimately let them down. Here is a list of things to watch out for:

1) Too many questions. A true medium will supply you with information, without having to pry into your life. This is called a ‘cold reading’, in that it requires the minimum of exchange between the medium and the client. Purported mediums who bombard you with questions are likely to be using cleverly-worded

2) Too much eye-contact. Although you are the client, a true medium will focus on their spirit guide or other spirits, rather than you. Mediums that drink in every detail about their clients are likely to be looking for visual clues about their backgrounds, financial status and class; even wearing a crucifix can tell a fake something about you.

3) Too much money. Although mediums are using their gifts for the benefit of their clients, they do not exploit them by charging like wounded bulls. In truth, mediums are respectful to both the living and the dead in the session and work on the theory that no deceased relative would want to see their kin charged exorbitant sums for a short conversation. You can check out what other mediums charge, online.

4) Too much mumbo-jumbo. If a medium needs to perform a ritual, go into a trance or speak in tongues in order to summon a spirit, they are likely to be faking it. A true medium will attract spirits to them by virtue of their gift and while they might need a moment to tune in to the spirit world, there is no need for theatrics.

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