The Love Tarot – a handy guide to your future happines

Relationships and love can be complicated at the best of times and it is not unusual to seek counsel and advice. Using the Tarot to gain insight into the way your relationships are progressing or to decide whether to pursue a new one is much like talking to a friend who knows you extremely well. However, the Tarot is not concerned with pulling answers to questions out of thin air; it is a tool through which you can make sense of your deeper feelings and make an informed decision as to which course of action you should take.


Love is on the Cards?


The famous psychiatrist, Carl Jung noted that the cards in a tarot deck relate to important aspects of the subconscious. In using a Tarot deck, you are choosing to investigate those aspects of your psyche that you may not immediately or consciously have access to. For love-matters, this can be an incisive and revealing way of identifying your true feelings. In addition, it is also possible to glean clues as to how the other person in the scenario feels about you.


The key to using the Tarot for love-matters is not in the cards; you must find the right interpreter. Just as scientists can specialise in branches of their subject, so too can interpreters. Love interpreters will have devoted their time to embracing and fully understanding the nuances and subtleties of the cards, where matters of the heart are concerned. In addition, they will have fine-tuned their psychic and intuitive abilities to respond to emotional clues and responses. While the cards may not tell you exactly how someone else feels about you, a good interpreter will be able to put a few pieces of the jigsaw into place.


Questions, Questions...


As with any Tarot reading, the Love Tarot requires that the seeker is honest and open and has considered what it is the want to know. Questions and the way they are phrased are particularly important in this style of reading, so it is worth taking some time to decide what you want to get from your reading.


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