Tarot Suits - The Wands

Just as with an ordinary set of playing cards, the Tarot is divided into four suits, each with their own nuances and meanings. To fully understand what the Tarot is showing you, it is important to also understand the fundamental nature of each suit, as well as the individual qualities of the cards that each suit holds.

Arcana and Themes

The Tarot is divided into two sub-groups: the Major and Minor Arcana. The suit of The Wands belongs to the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is used to add detail to the grand themes divined by the Major Arcana and apply them to our daily lives. It is concerned with emotions, physicality and those things that we experience every day.

Often known as the suit of Rods, Staffs, Staves, Clubs or Batons, the Wands are strongly associated with the element of fire and the psychic ability to intuit. These cards are representative of forward-thinking energies and the future. Typically, the Wands will pick up on feelings of ambition, creativity, passion and desire. They are especially useful in discerning the level of someone’s perception and self-awareness.

However, each suit also has its negative aspects and the Wands are no exception. Reversed drawings of the cards can identify energies that have been turned inwards and are no longer being used to constructive or positive effect. Often, they can point out someone’s leaning toward self-destruction. This is the stoppered, scorching and destructive aspect of the fire element - the trapped flames that burn inside those who do not know how to release them and, consequently, they can blacken and burn an individual from within. Typically, these tendencies can be identified as pride, anger, restlessness, wilfulness and even a tendency towards violence.

The Application of the Wands

Wands are much-anticipated by those seeking work-related readings, for they deal with the creative energies used to make dreams a reality. In life, they can often represent self-development and perhaps the beginning of a positive change in someone’s life. Like fire, the energies symbolised by The Wands are always looking to move forwards and to transform everything in their path.

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