Is Your Psychic Ability Inherited?

Many people believe that their psychic abilities are inherited; there are often stories of a past relation who had similar gifts or that being the seventh child of a seventh child has some significance. The answer to the question of inheritance, however, is more complex, yet simpler, than you might think.

Is it In The Blood?

It is certainly true that we can inherit physical, psychological and emotional traits from our forefathers: particular sequences of DNA are repeated from child to child, giving rise to family identities. More often than not, we tend to focus on negative qualities, such as being hot-tempered or alcoholic, but there are an equal amount of positive traits that are inherited.

If psychic abilities are inherited, then how is it possible for them to skip generations? Surely, if abilities were passed on through bloodlines, every member of a family would display them in some form or another. Yet, there are still stories where a psychic will attribute their gifts to a long-lost relative. How is it that psychic powers will manifest in some and, yet, not others?

Family Trees

There is also the wide range of phenomena experienced by the majority of people to take into account. Most of us have had the experience of knowing who is o the ‘phone before we answer it, have experienced déjà vu and even known when a friend or relative is in trouble before the news has reached us. Yet many of these people have no psychics in their family trees.

The answer is one proposed by many psychics in literature and online: we are all born with psychic powers. As with our other qualities, they may be stronger or weaker than those around us, yet we are all born with them. The part that is inherited is the ability to unlock them and use them; this is a psychological or emotional trait, coded in DNA and passed from generation to generation. While some of us are able to unlock our inherited artistic or sporting abilities, others inherit the ability to more fully tune into the innate psychic gifts that we all possess.

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