Indian Astrology – Tuning into your Chakras

According to Indian Astrology, the spine and the energy field we all generate, both contain energy centres, known as chakras. Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency and governs our psychological properties. Through meditation, it is believed that we can attune to our chakras and achieve inner harmony, thereby helping us achieve our full potential as physical and spiritual beings.

Instinct And Intellect

There are seven chakras; those located on the lower parts of the body represent our instinctive sides, while those higher up represent aspects of our intellectual abilities. In the perfect situation, all our chakras would vibrate at the same frequency, allowing our intellectual and instinctive aspects to work in harmony. Unfortunately, this rarely the case; often, certain chakras are more ‘closed’ than others, being under-active, while others are more ‘open’ than they should be, being over-active.

Colour And Sound

Tuning into your chakras can be both restorative and invigorating. Since they are seen as little vibrating vortexes of energy, they are said to respond well to colour and sound therapies. Most chakra-tuning exercises involve meditation; by relaxing, the chakras are free to dilate as they see fit and in accordance with your mental and physical state. Many like to use meditative CDs as a background to their tune-ups. These CDs often consist of gentle, ambient music that has a deep, regular and resonant beat, often in time with a slow heartbeat.

Visualisation is also an important part of tuning into your chakras. Each chakra is associated with a particular colour:

1) The Kundalini Chakra, located at the base of your spine, is seen as red.

2) The Hara Chakra, located below your navel, is seen as orange.

3) The Manipuri Chakra, located below your sternum, is seen as yellow.

4) The Anahata Chakra, located between the shoulder blades, is seen as green.

5) The Visuddha Chakra, located in the throat, is seen as blue.

6) The Ajna Chakra, located at the centre of the forehead, is seen as indigo.

7) The Sahasrara Chakra, located on the top of the head, is seen as white. Yoga is often used as an effective method with which to align the chakras.


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