How to train as an online psychic medium

The decision to train as an online psychic is normally borne out of the discovery that we have some extra-sensory ability. Those who want to become a medium or psychic of any sort are usually those with a strong desire to help people and have a history of intuitively encouraging and inspiring others. While this natural ability might be one you can use with your friends and family, it’s not necessarily ready to share with clients, in a professional capacity. At this moment in time you are a rough diamond.

However, if you are set on the idea of turning your ability into something else and offering your services across the Internet, then there are steps you can take towards embracing your chosen career.

Waiting for the right person

Before you go anywhere near applying for a job, there are some things you can do that will begin to shape your gifts. As a medium, you will doubtless have experience of communicating with the spirits of those who have passed on, on however basic or advanced a level. In addition, you will probably be bursting with the desire to share that gift, and to help others gain answers from friends, family and loved ones who have passed on to the spirit realm.

However, as much as you are able to see the benefits of using your gifts to help people, you must also come to an understanding that not everyone wants to be helped in this way. For many, the idea of chatting away with dead Uncle Charlie is a challenging one. You need to cultivate the understanding that this isn’t for everyone and rather than trying to persuade people to ‘have a go’, you must wait for people to seek you out. You cannot force people to do what they don’t want to. Your job is to wait for those people who have made the decision for themselves.

Focusing on compassion

The next thing you can focus on is developing your compassion – which isn’t always easy! As a human being, you’ll experience the ups and downs that everyone else does and make irrational judgments about people, in moments of anger or arrogance. As a medium, your job is to get beyond all that and you can develop your empathetic, sympathetic and compassionate abilities by deciding to try and see the best in people. While this might not be a psychic ability, it will certainly help your gifts flow more freely, as you detoxify your spirit from the tyranny of judgment.

Training courses

If you’re set on becoming an online medium, then you will need training. There are plenty of courses available online, but the trick is knowing which ones to go for. A good start is to have a look at the testimonial pages on these sites – but look specifically for sites that only allow feedback from people who have undertaken the course. Sites that have an ‘open-door’ feedback policy can be misleading.

In addition, take some time to check out the biographies and qualifications of each of the tutors mentioned. It’s even worth Googling them to see what other information you can uncover, away from the confines of their website. What you’re looking for is a course that offers tutors that will not only teach you the correct techniques through which you can expand and strengthen your skills, but those who teach a positive outlook as part of the training.

Online mediums require a little extra training, in that they have to learn to make a strong psychic bond with a client, over a great distance. A good training course will have this thrown into the mix as standard. You may learn visualisation techniques, third-eye expansion exercises and even how to expand your crown chakra. You'll quickly learn that being a medium is to be part of a broad science and there are plenty of techniques to be learned. Not all of them will be applicable to you and your gift, but it’s worth taking a dip into the unknown, just to see if it has anything to offer you. You will likely be given homework and exercises to practice at home, along with research projects into the history of mediumship. Being a medium means you are joining a long and illustrious lineage and it’s worth knowing about the past, so that you can face the future.

Protect yourself and project yourself

However, while there are numerous exercises that may be thrown at you, you need to check that mediumship is at the core of your chosen course. Look for things like how to improve your contact with spirit guides or how to protect yourself during a séance. Because you will be projecting your gifts across long distances, there is every chance that your abilities will appear to weaken to begin with and there is a greater chance of picking up stray, negative energies. A good course will teach you how to protect yourself, as well as project yourself.

It’s also important to be able to know which spirits you are contacting and the best courses focus on discernment. While you are making contact with the spirit realm, you may encounter other beings, thoughts and energies, so being able to know which the right one to make contact with is and which to block out is extremely important. In the early stages of discovering your gift, you may have noticed that you sometimes seemed swamped with voices, images or sensations and it can be difficult to focus on the one you most want to make contact with.

What you don’t need is a load of background knowledge about mediumship; you just need to have the raw talent. These courses aren’t necessarily suitable for people who have no obvious gifts, but quite fancy the idea of being psychic. The likelihood is that, once you apply for a job as an online medium, you will be subject to the tests required by that company. If you have talent and training behind you, these won’t be a shock or a surprise – and having a diploma or qualification from a respected training course can only help you with your chances of success.


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