How to find your perfect online reader

With so many websites claiming to have the best psychics, finding the one that’s right for you can be a real problem. While some offer free trials to encourage new customers, you’re still stuck with not really knowing whether they’re any good or whether they can be trusted. So before you dip a toe into the waters of online psychic readings, Let’s have a look at the ways in which you can navigate the online oceans and find the psychic reader that’s best suited to your needs.

The Right Kind of Feedback

One of the most obvious methods is to look for a feedback or testimonials page. However, not all feedback is created equal and there can be differences between them. The best feedback facilities are those through where clients are able to leave comments and testimonies – but only after they have paid for time with the psychic. This ensures that the feedback that’s left comes only from people who have used the psychic’s services.

Beware of those which don’t require any contact with the psychic at all. The problem here is that practically anyone can log on and leave either positive or negative comments, and unscrupulous psychics often encourage friends and relatives to leave misleading feedback. However, psychics can also fall foul of wandering trolls, who leave negative comments just because they can. Looking for secure feedback that has come from paying clients is the best method of researching a psychic’s history.

Some psychics use a star rating system – but you should treat this as you would any form of feedback. Unless the stars are given by genuine, paying clients, then they’re worth little or nothing. Feedback forms are the 21st Century equivalent of word of mouth. You wouldn’t trust a recommendation for a plumber from someone who’s never used that tradesman, and the same principle applies with online psychics.

Money Matters

Fees vary wildly between psychics, but they’re not necessarily a good indicator of the service you can expect to receive. A good psychic might just as well charge below the standard rates as they might charge above them. The only way to really assess whether they’re worth what they’re asking is to give them five minutes to make a psychic connection with you. Online psychics are trained to project their energies across great distances and with the same potency as in a face to face encounter.

Within five minutes, you should instinctively know whether or not the psychic you are working with has forged any sort of bond with you. If they have, then you can continue with your reading for as long as you like. If not, you are at perfect liberty to cut it short. Many psychics offer a few minutes, free of charge, and you can use this time to decide whether the reading is working for you or not. Your reading should be insightful and interesting, very quickly. If not, politely bow out and look elsewhere.

Sifting the Wheat from the Chaff

During those minutes in which you’re assessing your chosen psychic, there are certain things you can look out for that will help you with your decision. Firstly, your psychic should seem confident and get to the heart of the matter quickly. Any psychics who are appearing to stall for time or are taking too long to get round to what you want to talk about are likely to be just trying to clock up a few extra quid, without having to do anything for it.

In addition, a good psychic is always happy to answer the questions you want to ask, no matter how off the beaten path they might seem; this is your money that’s being spent and, consequently, it’s your reading and you can enjoy it any way you want to. A good psychic will explain what’s going on and ask if you have any questions. If you do, they should be more than happy to answer them.

The Cold-reader Conundrum

Just as there are cold-readers in real life, they also exist in the online world – so be careful what you say. A good psychic who is giving a reading doesn’t need to know your star sign, age or where you live. These are tricks through which they can make educated guesses about who you are, your lifestyle and what your hopes and dreams are. Unless you are consulting an online astrologer, there’s no need to say whether you are a Pisces or Virgo at all. Any information that a genuine psychic gleans is the result of the link that they forge with you. So if you feel that your psychic is asking too many questions that are designed to get you to give additional and unnecessary information about yourself, then you may well be dealing with an online cold-reader.

Take Control of your Reading

A good psychic won’t shy from telling both the good and bad aspects of your reading. They may phrase it tactfully and give you possible solutions to any potential problems, but they will give you both sides of the coin. Conversely, a fake psychic is likely to only tell you what they think you want to hear – and most of that will be based on any information they have been able to manipulate you into giving. If your reader is full of outlandish promises or suggests that only they can help you with a particular problem, then bail out. Any reader worth his salt will point out that the person who has the answer to the problems you face is you, yourself. While they might offer guidance and advice, a genuine psychic knows that your future lies in your hands.

However, there is one aspect of a reading that is completely in your control. Before you go anywhere near the Internet, you should consider what sort of psychic would be the best to help you with your predicament. If you’re looking to gain insight into how to deal with a situation, then you might want to consider a Tarot reader. If you want answers from a person who has passed away, then you’ll need a medium.

Taking the time to decide the type of psychic you want to work with not only saves you time in searching for the right person, but also primes your subconscious to make the right sort of link with your chosen practitioner.


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