How can a spirit coach help you develop your psychic abilities?

It has been said that the greatest journey we can ever take is the one inside ourselves. On a day to day level, it is all too easy to get caught up in the minutiae and trivia of our physical existence and forget what is truly important. In doing so, the connection between our physical selves and our psychic selves becomes more distant until there comes a point where we resign ourselves to what immediately surrounds us, but always feeling that there is something missing. 

This feeling is the subconscious communicating that it is time to do something positive and spiritually rewarding. It’s time to make the effort to psychically realign ourselves, leaving us open to the positive energies that so often evade us.

Outer Help

While we all have the necessary tools to change our perception and readiness in life, we don’t always know how to use them. The role of a spirit coach is not to give you instruction on how to deal with your problems. Rather, they are there to help you identify the innate abilities you have to change your circumstances. In addition, because each person is unique and has their own desires and needs, a spirit coach cannot offer a template through which a person should live their life. Instead, they can guide you to a deeper level of self-knowledge and, through that knowledge, coach you in the methods of psychic development that are best for you.

Often, spirit coaches use meditation, intuitive training and energy alignment techniques to help you re-establish links with your inner gifts. As you become more aware of your subconscious and your higher self, you are likely to become more aware of messages from both. These may take the form of dreams, which you will be better equipped to interpret. You may be encouraged to make journals of these dreams, which may become more vivid, have themes running through them or even give you symbolic information about events that have not yet happened. 

Once you have started to tap into the true power of your subconscious, it will begin to flex its psychic muscles – not only attuning you to yourself, but also to other around you. You will gain a greater clarity of those people in your life: the roles they play in your existence and the roles you play in theirs.

Ultimately, a spirit coach is a guide on a journey of self-discovery. However, the map is always in your hands; the coach is merely there to help you read it.



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