How a Psychic carries out an Online Reading

People have sought out the services of psychics for thousands of years. Initially, face-to-face readings were the only available source. However, with the advent of telecommunications, telephone psychics became widely available. Subsequent to that, the dawn of the internet offered querents another form of psychic service in the form of online readings. However, there are still those who are sceptical about the ability of readers to make accurate readings over such long distances. So how does a psychic carry out an online reading?

Using the Internet

There can be little doubt that online readings are the most convenient form of psychic service in the 21st Century. You simply log on, choose your reader and either connect with them or make an appointment to do so. In essence, the Internet is the bridge between the reader and his client, putting them in touch and allowing the reading to take place. Readings can be done using a variety of means, including email, chat rooms, SMS and even VOIP services such as Skype.

There are also a variety of services on offer. Readings can be conducted using methods such as Tarot cards, rune stones, astrology and numerology. It’s important to remember that these are simply tools through which the psychic can express themselves; they are not the fundament of the reading itself. Just as you can use a landline, a mobile or text messages to communicate, psychics use a variety of tools through which to focus their psychic abilities. The important part in a remote reading is the connection that is established between the reader and his client, not the physical nuts and bolts of the process.

Big Business

Psychic services have evolved with the times and, so too, have the abilities of psychics themselves. Those who offer their services online are trained in projecting their gifts over great distances. The only downside for the reader is that it can mean that they have to take longer, regular breaks between readings as they expend more energy in making the psychic connection. Primarily, this is done in the same way as a face-to-face meeting, but in order to ensure that the link is just as strong they have to expend just that little bit more effort.

In addition, many companies who offer psychics online put their employees through their paces, testing them on a regular basis to ensure that they are still up to scratch. Online psychics are big business and companies are eager and careful to maintain their reputations, which means ensuring that their psychics deliver every time. A reputable company is likely to invest time and money in ensuring that their employees remain at the top of their game – which is good news for clients.

However, there’s also a side-benefit for those looking for readings. Although face-to-face meetings were once the most popular form of reading, they also offered boundless opportunities for charlatans and frauds, such as cold reading.

Cold readers and Charlatans

Cold reading is a process through which a fake psychic uses his skills in reading body language and answering carefully phrased questions to learn about clients without them being aware of what’s taking place. A skilled cold reader will rely on visual clues, such as the way someone dresses, their age, whether or not they wear jewellery or tattoos and their body language to make well informed and accurate judgements about someone – and then pass those insights off as some sort of psychic ability.

In addition, they will pick up on the way someone speaks, using everything from their accents to the grammar they use, to give them further insight into that person’s character. Using ‘closed’ and cognitive questioning, cold readers can often persuade people to give up personal information without them even realising it. Put all these ingredients together and the reader can create a good picture of that person’s life, their worries and fears and give advice that is based on that, but nothing else. These people are in no way psychic; they simply use other people’s gullibility to get them to part with their cash.

The good news for those who use online psychics is that there is simply no room for this to take place. Given that the reading is a remote one, there are no visual clues for a cold reader to home in on and, unless you’re using a VoIP service, there are no aural clues, either. As a result, the online psychic community is virtually free of cold readers who have relied on face-to-face meetings to give them the information they need to be able to impersonate genuine psychics. In many ways, the online form of psychic reading offers a purity that’s hard to find anywhere else; there are no giveaways or tells involved so the psychic has to rely on his or her psychic abilities. Cold readers simply can’t survive in this environment and are very quickly weeded out.

A Potent Link

Consequently, online readings are much more accurate than face-to-face readings – even when there’s a genuine psychic involved. The clues that are harvested by cold readers can often present a barrier for genuine psychics on a physical meeting. It might also be that the reader and the querent simply don’t ‘click’; with an online meeting, there’s no room for a clash of personalities. Instead, the reader has to rely on the information the querent supplies them with – with no other interference to cloud their judgement or bias. In this environment, they have to rely on their psychic abilities and it’s for this reason that many querents come away from an online reading with the peculiar feeling that the reader somehow knows them – even though they have never met.

Online readings are the next step in the evolution of psychic services – and they are also the most reliable. Psychics are an adaptable lot and will amend their environment to allow them to boost their powers. It may well be that the traditional image of a psychic, surrounded by arcane artefacts isn’t a thing of the past; a good psychic will use whatever they need to create the right conditions for psychic prediction. However, you, as the online querent, will only be privy to the advice they give you.


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