How To Spiritually 'Spring Clean' Your Home

A spring clean leaves your home looking new and tidy and ready for the summer. However, there can be more to spring cleaning than just raising a duster in anger. You can approach it on a spiritual level, and use it as an opportunity to clean away any residual, negative energy and restore the levels of positivity to your environment.

 Your relationship with your home

 Our homes are very much an extension of what is going on inside us. Take a look around yours and consider what yours might say about what’s going underneath the veneer that we present to the world each day. Your home can mirror your physical, emotional, mental and physical health and, if we’re not careful, the things that surround us can drag us down. Combining the spiritual elements of spring cleaning with the physical work can help you to understand more about yourself and discover what you need to get rid of from your life, as well as finding out what you might need. In these circumstances, the phrase ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ couldn’t be more appropriate.

The condition of your home should be viewed in the same way a healthcare professional views symptoms. You might find that there are ‘patterns’ to your clutter, and certain rooms might be more well attended to than others. If this is the case, for example, then you should ask yourself why - what does it say about your inner state that particular rooms get more attention than others? Does it mean that you have an affinity for that room or that something special to you happens in there? Or could it be that the messier rooms make you feel uncomfortable or was it the scene of an unpleasant argument?

 Just as we leave greasy fingerprints on the walls, our psyches leave residual energies in our wake and these can settle in rooms. You may have experienced the feeling of being instantly ‘at home’ in a room or prefer a particular spot. Alternatively, you may feel that you don’t like to be alone in certain rooms.

These responses are generated by the content of the residual energies hanging around in those spaces. In addition to releasing and disposing of the energies that need to move on, you will also be releasing your own creative and inspirational forces.

More than just cleaning

 Clutter can harbour old memories and feelings. Sift through the paraphernalia of your life and decide whether the emotions they generate are harmful or not. Some memories may be fond ones, but the fact that those items are still around suggests that you have not fully moved on from that aspect of your past. So it may be time to consider whether, even if the memory is a good one, it might be better to sever the ties to a particular person or event. Items can anchor us to particular points in time, allowing us to relive those moments, and sometimes it is better to facilitate your own spiritual evolution by letting those items go.

 Your intent is also an important part of spiritual spring-cleaning. When we decide to make a change within ourselves, perhaps through meditation or positive visualisation, it is with the intent to make an improvement and make things better. The same is true of your intent in spiritually spring cleaning your home. Attack it grudgingly and you will miss vital pockets of energy, clinging onto items that would be better to dispose of.

However, if you approach the task with a view to taking control of your life and your environment in a positive way, you will find decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of far easier to make. In addition, you will be more likely to approach your environment with a critical eye and work out how the space could be improved on a physical and spiritual level. And, if you commit to the task with positive intent, you will generate positive energies that will replace the stagnant or negative ones that are lingering.

 Practical tips

 What you use to clean your home can also have an effect on the spiritual content of your home, which you, in turn, will be affected by. Being respectful to your environment and to the world around you is a physical affirmation of your desire to improve things within your home and to carry that positivity with you, wherever you may go. Using ecologically-friendly cleaning products demonstrates your respect for your home and yourself. There are increasing reports of the harmful effects of domestic cleaning fluids and sprays on both the environment and people. Using eco-friendly materials will give you that added feeling of doing something worthwhile, as well as tackling a practical task.

 If you really want to embrace the eco aspect of your cleaning, you might want to consider making your own cleaning products. There are plenty of online resources telling you how to and you can even scent them, according to which smells you find the most peaceful, relaxing or inspiring.

Whilst you are cleaning, you might find it therapeutic and beneficial to burn incense. If you do this with the intention of clearing any negative residue from your home, you will help move those energies on their way. Spiritual spring-cleaning can be seen as a physical affirmation of your desire to regain positive control over those areas of your life that might otherwise be left unattended or that have absorbed negative energy over time.

In many spiritual practices, affirmations are vocalised, giving credence and weight to that person’s intent, and saying things out loud makes them feel more ‘real.’ In the same way, cleaning your house with a view to balancing the energies that it holds, spiritual spring-cleaning is an extension of your desire to achieve greater self-knowledge and self-understanding. You are taking a journey through your past, analysing what needs to stay and what needs to go and acting on those thoughts in a positive and constructive fashion.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. Once you have finished, you will feel lighter and more optimistic about what is to come. Over time, you will have new experiences, which will be reflected in the new items that find their way into your home.

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