How To Contact Your Spirit Guide During A Psychic Reading

Most people occasionally have a sense that there is someone watching over them. This presence often gives a sense of security and peace; that they are being taken care of. However, few people are aware that this is likely to be the presence of their Spirit Guide. In addition, fewer people are aware that your Spirit Guide does not have to remain a nebulous presence; you can contact them.

Spirit Guides are thought to be the spirits of those who have decided to remain close to Earth, after death. Often, they will have lived hundreds of years ago but, thanks to their time in the Spirit Realm, they have developed their own psychic readings abilities to such an extent that they are able to communicate with those of us in the Physical Realm. Spirit Guides like to act as conduits between mediums and the Spirit Realm, protecting them from negative energies and guiding them to the people they want to contact.

If you can sense the presence of your Spirit Guide, but do not know how to establish a link with him or her, then take a look at the following steps:

Meditate. In a trance-like state, ask your subconscious to provide you with the protection necessary to extend your psychic antennae into the Spirit Realm. You should be as relaxed as possible, so as to offer a clear channel of communication between you and your Spirit Guide.

Visualise. As much as you need psychic protection, your Spirit Guide will need reassurance that it is safe to make contact. Visualise a bright, white light in front of you and, once you can fully see it, absorb it into your body, so that it fills you from head to toe. This tells your subconscious to rid itself of any negative energy that might taint the connection.

Create a psychic space. Using your mind, create a safe and peaceful environment in which to meet your Spirit Guide. Project an image of yourself into that environment and wait.

Your Guide will manifest through thoughts, feelings and images, rather than a full-blown apparition. Once contact has been made, you will be able to channel your energies through him or her and seek the answers you need.

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