How Sharp Is Your Sixth Sense?

We are all accustomed to using our five senses to assess and judge stimuli provided by the world around us. In part, this is because our education and life-experience teaches us to react using only our physical senses. However, we have all experienced supernatural stimuli to some degree; déjà vu, knowing who is on the telephone before you answer or sharing a dream with someone are all common examples. Unlike our physical senses, our sixth sense is not as exercised as often as it should be and we can often be less aware of psychic stimuli than we might. Like any other muscle, your sixth sense requires the occasional work-out, to keep it operating in tip-top condition.


Testing Your Sixth Sense

Meditation is a great way to test your sixth sense. While your physical body requires tension and exertion to tone its muscles, your subconscious requires relaxation and stillness to come to the fore. Begin by entering a light trance-like state and allow your mind to recall instances where you feel your sixth sense has been at work. These could be chance encounters with people with whom you have developed a very quick bond, dreams that seem to have come true, predictions that have been unusually accurate; anything that is beyond the powers of your five physical senses. Invest further time in sorting the wheat from the chaff; discount those experiences that could be explained as coincidence. 


Messages from your Subconscious

The next stage is to mentally recreate the experiences that you simply cannot explain. Recreate them in as much detail as you can, paying special attention to how you were feeling at those times. Make notes, comparing the similarities and the differences between these experiences; they are important indicators of how your sixth sense was operating and can give you clues as to why it was heightened in those instances. Whenever you can, find some time to reach a meditative state; perhaps as you are going to sleep or just as you are waking. As you feel you have reached the right state, try to recreate the feelings that were most common to your psychic experiences and allow your mind to form images. At first, these will appear to be random but, through analysis, you should find that you are making predictions or becoming aware of energies that your physical senses simply cannot discern.


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