How Mars Can Influence Your Star Sign

Mars, the Red Planet, has strong associations with war, aggression and a belligerent nature. It was named after the Roman god of war, one of the most important military gods in the Roman pantheon. However, when it comes to astrology, are these the only traits we need to take into account – or are there more subtle and surprising influences generated by this planet?

The Overlord of Extremes

 While Venus sends out waves of Love energy, Mars is more aligned to the primal urges of sexual attraction. Just as it can be responsible for smouldering passion, according to the sign that it is present in, its influence can also manifest as icy detachment. In many ways, Mars is the overlord of extremes of behaviour, those that are often impulsive and instinctive, rather than guided by intellectual or calculated thought. This animal instinct is also a factor in how we achieve our goals under this planet’s influence; Mars is raw energy, often unfocussed and divisive. It prompts star signs to take risks where, ordinarily, they would not. This may lead to quarrels and arguments, reinforcing Mars as a bellicose planet.

A Stellar Survivor

 However, the desire to make war isn’t Mars’ prime directive. Instead, it merely drives people to achieve what they want, regardless of whom or what is in the way. Mars is a selfish planet, concerned only with its own survival. Uninterrupted, it can be a dynamic, if slightly diffuse, influence. However, the minute a person or a problem becomes an obstacle, the Red Planet lives up to all its traditional associations. Mars is the planet of survival, of all the instincts that drive us forward to achieve what’s in our sights. On the down side, it can highlight the negative, argumentative aspects of our character, making us prone to confrontation and even violence. Once every two years, Mars goes into retrograde for 11months. This is the period in which we have to dig deep for those energies that Mars has supplied us with, whilst travelling through the zodiac. As Mars becomes more distant, we have to turn inwards to access our inner motivation and desire for success; it’s not easy, but it is possible. Let’s have a look at how the Red Planet influences each of the individual signs:

 How Mars affects the signs of the Zodiac

 ● Aries: this sign is ruled by Mars, so the planet is completely at home at this point in the zodiac. Under Mars, Aries people become direct and firm and unafraid of confrontation. In addition, the idea of a challenge becomes exciting and they look forward to seeing just how far they can push themselves before the problem is solved. Unfortunately, Aries can also lose its sense of perspective under Mars and react in ways that are disproportionate to what is being placed in front of them.

 ● Taureans are slow and dependable. Under Mars, this doesn’t change. However, the Red Planet’s influence means that the Bull soon finds that there is a limit to its seemingly endless tether. Once it reaches that point, the Taurus temper knows know bounds and will erupt without consideration for the consequences.

 ● Generally, Cancerians are self-protective and secretive. However, under Mars, this becomes an active decision to stopper their emotions. Unfortunately, this is like shaking a can of Coke and when the lid is finally taken off, it all explodes in a big, frothy mess. Those in the vicinity need to beware of the Crab’s claws, for they will lash out blindly, often striking those who are closest in vicinity and emotional intimacy.

● Leos like to bask in the spotlight and, under the influence of Mars, this becomes shameless arrogance. A Leo under Mars can be pushy, proud and a little too convinced of his own self-worth. While Leos under this sign are often quick to anger, the conflicting Martian energies dissipate fairly quickly, meaning that they are also quick to forgive.

 ● The Virgoan quest for perfection is exacerbated under Mars and Virgos can become almost puritanical in their desire to achieve the impossible. This can make them irritable, quick to temper and aloof. Under Mars, Virgos can become distant from those around them, as they start to perceive their faults and view them as lesser beings.

● Mars has a peculiar effect on the well-balanced scales of Libra. Decisions become virtually impossible for Librans to make when Mars is in its house. Librans will also avoid any circumstances or situations that might upset their personal balance, so it is not unusual to find them living almost hermitic existences when the Red Planet comes sailing through their constellation.

 ● Scorpio’s innate passions are brought to the surface under the influence of Mars. Scorpios become intense and compulsive. You should beware of upsetting a Scorpio when Mars is passing through, for they find forgiving and forgetting a virtual impossibility. In addition, the sexual energies that Scorpios often keep hidden are suddenly unfettered; Scorpios are at their most seductive, alluring and sexually charged during Mars’ reign.

● Sagittarians are prone to fall in love at the best of times but, under Mars, this is exaggerated to the point where they will fall in love at the drop of a hat. However, as their romantic sensibilities get the better of them, they often become a little too aware or convinced of their own attractiveness. Sagittarians under Mars are perhaps a little too cocky or cheesy to be taken seriously.

 ● Capricorns under Mars still maintain their sense of responsibility to those around them, but suffer from an overriding desire to be in control. This can manifest as anything from micro-management to the telling of bare faced lies, in order to maintain a grip over a situation. While Mars is in their constellation, Capricorns are driven to succeed and will pull out all the stops to ensure they get what they want.

● Peace-lovers by nature, Mars seems to have no aggressive effects over Aquarius. It does, however, focus and sharpen their intellectual abilities; those once fluffy and airy-fairy ideas now have a very real possible of becoming a reality.

 ● Pisces is another peace-loving sign, swimming in a sea of compassion. However, under Mars, Pisceans will tend to repress their darker feelings, to the point where they may be in danger of damaging themselves, either through torment or by falling foul of the anaesthetic properties offered by alcohol or narcotics.


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