Holding your own Tarot party

A Tarot Party is a great way to get together with friends and share an experience that would usually be outside the experience of your guests. However, as much as Tarot has a serious side, readings in this sort of environment can still be fun and uplifting.

If you’ve decided to get a party of this type together, then you should be aware that it requires a little more thought and planning than simply booking a Tarot reader and waiting for them to turn up. You want the evening to be as positive and constructive as possible for your friends and you want the space you use to be as welcoming and as conducive as possible for your reader to work in. While it might sound like there’s an awful lot of work involved, some of it boils down to common sense. Here are our top tips for holding your own Tarot Party.

Choose your Guests Wisely

In hosting a Tarot Party, you want everyone to enjoy themselves and get as much out of the experience as possible. If everyone’s up for it and approaching the session with an open mind, then you’re far more likely to enjoy it than if you have a sarcastic skeptic in the pack. Before you go anywhere near booking a reader, consider who among your friends is going to respond most favourably.

It’s also worth taking your guests’ personal lives into consideration. If you have a guest who is going through a traumatic time, they might not want to have their ins and outs discussed at a party. If you’re simply trying to lend a helping hand, then you might want to consider booking them a private session with a reader as a gift.

Alternatively, you could just hold the party for the two of you and discuss the insights together after the reader has left. However, if you’re set on inviting a few mates, just be sure that no-one’s going through a terrible crisis that could leave them feeling upset and bring your party to an abrupt halt.

Check out who’s up for what

Typically, Tarot readings happen on a one-to-one basis. However, at a party, it might be that you are all present through each other’s readings – which can add to the enjoyment of an evening. Although this might be fun, you should check how everyone feels about this sort of arrangement; there are those who might feel uncomfortable about having their personal issues discussed in public.

Before you book your reader, contact everyone on your guest-list and see how they would like the readings to proceed. The rule of thumb to follow is that it’s all or nothing; if there’s even one person with an objection to a public reading, then you should set aside a room specifically for that purpose.

Find your Reader

Although there are plenty of Tarot readers available on the Internet, it’s a sad fact that not all Tarot readers are created equal. If you can get a personal recommendation, then that is the best starting place possible. However, if you don’t have that up your sleeve, then don’t panic; there are other routes you can take.

The best place to start is the testimonials page on a reader’s website. Ensure that the comments are from people who’ve had the service and not just nebulous, praiseworthy comments. There should be some detail involved in their feedback. You can also check that you’re getting a good deal by comparing the fees charged by readers from website to website. It might be a psychic service, but it doesn’t mean you can’t shop around!

Your next step should be to contact a reader and discuss your requirements. A good reader will explain everything that’s going to happen and answer any questions that you might have, specifically and clearly. In addition, you can ask them whether they have any particular needs or requirements to make the evening go smoothly.

Dress your Room

With your guests and reader booked, all you need to do no is set the scene. However, we’re not talking sputtering candles and crystal balls; what you need is a room that feels safe and welcoming to both your friends and the psychic. Don’t go overboard on trying to make the place look mysterious; while it might be a thrill for you and your guests, to the reader it’s likely to cheapen the whole evening and even suggest that you're not taking their skills as a reader seriously.

Instead, focus on the atmosphere. Whether you’re all going to witness each other’s readings or are setting aside a specific room for private sessions, you will need a table and two chairs. It’s also worth paying attention to the lighting. If your party is being held during the day, then natural light is your best option. However, if your party is being held in the evening, then go for low, ambient lighting – but nothing too dark; your reader needs to be able to see the cards!

Music is also an option, but talk this through with your reader first. It may well be that they have their own collection of music that works for them, in which case you can tell them to bring it along. However, if you want to use your own music, ensure that it’s not distracting. You want your friends to invest themselves fully in the reading and not be distracted by lyrics and tunes. If in doubt, either play it at a minimal level or don’t play it at all.

Some readers like to use incense as part of their reading; there is a school of thought that suggests the burning of scented smoke has purifying properties and can rid a room of negative energies. Leave that up to them. While it might be tempting to get all arcane and mystical with a few joss-sticks, you might be interfering with a process that the reader has established over their years as a practitioner.

Watch the Drink!

Parties are a great opportunity for people to let their hair down and alcohol can be a great loosener. However, too much is going to inhibit a reading’s success. You might want to consider booking your reading early on, so that you can discuss your insights over a bottle, once the reader has left.

However, if you and your guests do end up drinking, just be sure that nobody goes overboard, until the reader has been and gone.


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