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My boyfriend and I decided we were desperate to get away for a few days and relax recently, and by complete coincidence an email popped into my inbox from my friend Kate telling me about an amazing deal she’d found to Spain. For £170 each, her and her boyfriend were going away for a four day all-inclusive break in a four star hotel and she asked if we fancied going along.

She gave me all the details and I started doing my research when it suddenly struck me – why go through all the hassle of going abroad when there are so many things on my doorstep that I still haven’t seen?

So now, instead of spending several hours getting to the airport, checking in and then having to mess around with taxis the other end, my boyfriend and I are going to Weymouth. It may not be sun and sangria all the way, but there are tons of things to do and it’s only a few hours on the train from London.

We’ve booked a lovely b&b and we plan to hang out on the beach, go and see the local sights and do a bit of shopping. And if it happens to rain? We’ll find a nice cosy pub to sit in. And what can be more relaxing than that?

As much as the idea of guaranteed sun in Spain sounds great, the hassle of getting there and probably getting sunburn while I desperately try to get a bit of colour in such a short space of time doesn’t appeal nearly as much as a nice break to the country.

It’s so easy to forget what’s right in front of you, when actually it may be way better than something that’s much further a field. So in a couple of weeks I’ll be packing my sunglasses and my brolly and heading off to explore all that Weymouth has to offer – and there won’t be a check-in queue or delayed flight in sight!

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