Go on, have a moan!

A good friend of mine arrived on my doorstep the other day looking furious. Her boyfriend had told her off because she was relaxing and watching telly when he wanted her to help him with something, even though she’d spent all morning cleaning their house and cooking dinner for the guests they had coming that evening.

“Oh, I shouldn’t moan,” she said, looking a bit forlorn.

“Why on earth not?” I replied. In my opinion, sometimes a good moan can be just as beneficial as a good laugh. You’re able to put things in perspective, it gets everything out of your system and you generally feel more relaxed about things afterwards.

So why do we feel bad if we have a whinge? We’re often taught that we should keep quiet if things are bothering us as we don’t want to bring other people down, but if you’ve got a friend who is happy to listen to your woes, and they’re happy to have someone to listen to theirs, what’s the problem?

My friend skipped off feeling much better because she’d been able to vocalise how annoyed she was feeling, and when she got home she calmly pointed out to her boyfriend how much she’d done that day and why she’d got annoyed with him. He backed down and admitted he’d been unfair and they ended up having a great evening.

As the old saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved - so rant away!

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