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It’s not just unemployment figures, supermarket own-brands and blood pressure that’s seen a surge since the start of the recession. Many psychics are reporting a massive rise – as much as 30 per cent – in business people seeking advice on money matters.

Robin Lown, a consultant with The British Astrological & Psychic Society (BAPS), is one such psychic who says that regular clients, among them senior bankers and lawyers are asking for financial guidance: “I’ve had several questions around how long the downturn will last and whether it is a good time to look at borrowing.”

Similarly, George Valentino, a spiritualist medium who also works within the Russell Grant team, has clients ranging from property developers, bankers and City traders to owners of small businesses. “I get two kinds of people who approach me,” he says. “The believers and the desperate.”

Kevin Parker, also from Russell Grant, said that clients typically sought advice from an astrologer or psychic when considering a big change in their business and looking for an “impartial view” on a decision.
However, he warned: “I am careful to tell my clients not to rely [exclusively] on this stuff — that would be unhealthy.”

Nevertheless, clients such as Gill Huggon, a turnaround specialist who works in the healthcare and education sectors, particularly values psychic Paul the Seer’s advice on human resources issues. “I was always looking for a rationalisation of it,” she admits, “but he would say, ‘Let’s see what happens’ – and he’d be spot on.”

And while some businesses might be reluctant to admit to the source of their financial counsel, Russell Grant’s Kevin Parker thinks their motivations make plenty of sense: “Businesses are quite happy to pay £20,000 a month to a management consultant for very little return.”

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