Five things you can gain from a Tarot reading

The Tarot offers a snapshot of your life as it stands at the time of the reading. The information you uncover during a reading is gleaned via a reader who uses his interpretive and intuitive abilities to help decipher the meanings behind the cards you draw, making each reading pertinent and unique to the querent. Many people wrongly assume that the Tarot offers some sort of psychic telescope; that through the cards, they will be able to know what’s going to happen to them further down the line. While this may not be true, there are a number of things that you will take away from a reading of this sort. Let’s take a look at the top five.

1) Many people come to the Tarot, feeling directionless. It may be that they are facing a situation that requires them to make a decision or it may be that they are feeling rudderless and have no control over their lives at all.

A Tarot reading allows you to see which road you are currently on and which options are available to you. In addition, it also allows you to see the likely outcome of each decision in both your current psychic state and if you were to give aspects of your psyche the attention they need. In short, a Tarot reading can bring that much-needed sense of direction back into your life or help you to see which route is the best one for you.

2) Good Tarot readers are skilled in recognising patterns of energy and can use particular spreads to trace those patterns from the past, through the present and into the future. Using this information, they can identify instances and experiences in our past that are have some sort of bearing on our thoughts and feelings in the present. On top of that, they can see just how those effects will inform our actions in the future.

This is where the Tarot offers one of its most valuable benefits. It allows us to revisit the past and deal with the long-term effects of our actions, to create a better ‘now’ and improve the prospects of our tomorrows. Because the Tarot is a tool through which we can expand our self-knowledge, it allows is to learn from the mistakes of the past and practically implement solutions to any problems that those events have left us with.

3) Often, people who seek out Tarot readers have reached a point where they have little or no confidence in themselves. The cards use the allegorical story of The Fool’s Journey, in order to explain to querents how they truly feel about certain subject, people and experiences. Perhaps more importantly, the cards also give the querent a chance to understand the roles they play in their own lives as well as in the lives of others. Effectively, you gain a psychic overview of the spider-diagram of the way you interact with other people and situations.

What this adds up to is an increased sense of personal responsibility and validation. The more we come to understand that our actions, thoughts and feelings have measurable consequences, the easier it becomes to see just how we inhibit our own progression. In Tarot terms, the obstacles we find in our paths tend to be the ones we have placed there ourselves. It’s only by looking within and understanding how we operate as spiritual beings that we can begin to formulate plans of action to either think around, over or through those self-imposed issues and problem

4) Feeling directionless and without control can lead is to dwell on the negative aspects of our lives which, in turn, can lead us to point the finger inwards. While acknowledging that we have some responsibility in the way our lives pan out, there are ways of doing so –and some are more constructive than others.

Dwelling and harbouring negative energies can only seek to perpetuate patterns of behaviour that are preventing us from achieving what we want from life. Negative thoughts and feelings are like iron filings to a magnet; once you have one, others are swift to follow, until positive thoughts are almost impossible.

The Tarot gives us a chance to examine those thoughts and feelings from a distance and see exactly how what we do can affect what happens to us, further down the line. In being able to gain an overview of our emotional and spiritual states, it’s easier to see which thoughts are doing us the most damage and to see which aspects of ourselves we have forgotten about, such as our strengths and better qualities. In this way, the Tarot is a great tool for quashing negative thoughts and energies and replacing them with positive ones.

5) Too often, we allow our egos to get in the way of the truth. Our pride, arrogance and stubbornness can allow us to believe our own versions of events and, as a result, fail to learn the valuable lessons that each life-encounter has the potential to teach us. Sometimes this self-deception gets to the point where we actively believe our own propaganda.

The Tarot cuts through the ego, as the qualities of pride, arrogance and stubbornness are part of the conscious mind. Instead, the cards appeal to the subconscious; our true cores and the part of us that wants us to be the very best that we can, on all levels.

The cards speak of a strife for balance, reminding us that if we neglect an aspect of our beings then others will suffer. Should we ignore our spiritual health, our mental health will suffer and if we ignore that, this can manifest in physical problems. Ultimately, the Tarot teaches us that the mind, body and soul are not separate entities, but are all constituent parts of one whole being. Listening to the Tarot can teach us to put our egos aside, pay attention to the truth we know and to look after each aspect of our existence.


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