Feel Good In 2009

Looking for some ways to make 2009 a healthier, more enriching and, above all, fun year? The BBC has rounded up five experts to each contribute a unique idea that’s simple to do and will bring great rewards. Here’s an overview of their suggestions.

Visit a church concert

Philosopher Mark Vernon believes that going to a church concert can uplift a spirit even if you don’t believe in God. “It is taking you beyond your material concerns and can even be a relief from them”, he says. 

Grow your own

TV gardener Diarmuid Gavin suggests replacing those flower seeds with vegetable seeds in order to experience “the simple things, so you nurture and create it yourself rather than going to the garden centre.”

Take up boxing

Personal trainer to the stars Paul Connolly recommends taking up boxing as a form of exercise to rid you of daily stress and get your adrenaline pumping. This can produce a much-needed high that’s a much healthier alternative to a bar of chocolate! 

Have a surprise dinner

Personality coach Jeremy Milnes has a clever way of introducing different foods into your diet as well as improving your social skills: the ‘potluck’ supper.  Gather some old and new friends together for a meal with each of you contributing a differently dish. It’s the perfect credit crunch dinner party.

Spread the love and meditate

Maitreyaraja, manager of The London Buddhist Centre, believes that you can only truly reach happiness once you have learnt to love yourself and the others around you. This can be achieved through metta bhadvana meditation, in which five stages are followed in order to achieve “the cultivation of loving kindness”.

For a more in-depth look into these tips, visit the BBC website.

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