Do you see colours?

Do You See Colours?

A number of studies have been conducted into whether people can 'see' colours when looking at words or listening to music.

According to recent research by US scientists, as many as one in 2000 people have a condition known as synaesthesia. These individuals 'see' colours in words and can even 'taste' music.

To them, Monday might be bright red and Sunday a dull brown. At what level the individual experiences synaesthesia can vary. Those who are acutely prone to it are very specific in their descriptions, i.e. 'July is always a cerulean blue'. Follow-up research has also revealed that these individuals are consistent, remaining faithful to their original descriptions despite their environment and circumstances shifting.

The mingling of senses is believed to be caused by cross-wiring in the brain, which lessens in most cases as we mature. Those who retain their cross-sensory ability often use it to their advantage and it is no surprise to find a great many synaesists are artists.

September 2008
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