Do Tarot Readings Give An Insight Into Your Personality?

Many people use the Tarot to help them make difficult decisions, choose a new career path or give them advice when it comes to relationships. However, this information is not simply plucked out of nowhere; the Tarot plumbs hidden aspects of your personality in order to be able to dispense its words of wisdom.

A Mirror Of The Subconscious

The common misconception about the Tarot cards is that they somehow tell the future. In reality, they simply unlock the answers we all have hidden within ourselves. By bonding with a reader and explaining what it is you want to know, the cards can be interpreted accurately. After a Tarot reading, many people are often astonished as to how well the cards seem to ‘know’ them. This is because, through the reader’s intuition and interpreting skills, the deck is, effectively, a mirror of the subconscious.

The cards are split into two Arcana: Major and Minor. The Major Arcanum deals with the grand themes of our lives; the vast energies that we are all subject to. These energies are experienced by us all and give a broadly-sketched picture of the backdrop against which we exist. By comparison, the Minor Arcanum puts these energies into focus and examines how we respond to and interact with them, making them intrinsically personal to us.

Carl Jung’s Theory

The Swiss psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, explained the Tarot in a different way. He believed that the various suits and pictures in the deck represented archetypes within our subconscious minds. His theory was that the subconscious was able to intuit which card to select, in order to communicate thoughts and feelings about its state; your state of mind. In part, this is accurate, but the skills of the reader must not be discounted: in a true Tarot reading, it is the reader who can help give you the deepest insight into your personality. The cards’ meanings are often multi-layered, but the reader’s intuition can help to discern just how it is appropriate to you. In many ways, each Tarot reading is an exploration of your personality; each decision we make is informed by the unique ways in which we think, feel and act.

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