Digital Astrology?

You know your starsign, you’re also up to speed with Chinese astrology but what about digital astrology?

Huh? Well, according to the Pew Research Center, you can now check out another aspect of your personality according to the technology you use. For real.
Apparently, there are ten types.
Digital Collaborators: users who use their phones as well as forums and messageboards to collaborate and share their creativity.
Ambivalent Networkers -  These folks also collaborate but find their mobiles slightly intrusive as they’ resent always being ‘on’.
Media Movers – They love their mobile because it puts them in touch with their friends and use it to share pictures and videos.
Roving Nodes – These folks use technology to keep up to date with emails and occasional chat.
Mobile Newbies – They dig their phone but they don’t use it much beyond phone calls – well, maybe an occasional text!
Desktop Veterans – These people are desktop-bound, loving their computer more than their mobile, which they just use for calls.
Drifting Surfers – Neither committed to a mobile or the internet, these people don’t spend much time with their technology!
Information Encumbered – These folks find it all a bit much.
The Tech Indifferent – Probably your granny; totally offline and even if they have a mobile (rare!), it’s probably switched off in their handbag. Unenthusiastic.
Off the Network – Totally disconnected. 
So...what are you? Take the test here…

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